14-15th October 2016

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14-15th October 2016
14-15th October 2016
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dr. Chris Chang
“Simplify your mechanics for challenging cases”
Lecture Abstract:
This lecture features well-documented cases to
help clinicians master simplified mechanics to solve
challenging cases with the powerful and efficient
Damon System. Essential tips will be provided to
demonstrate how Damon can treat transverse,
sagittal and vertical programs without complicated
mechanic design and excessive devices.
Topics include:
Simplified mechanic design
Early treatment (or not)
Upper impaction
Lower impaction
Class II correction
Class III correction
Gummy smile correction
Adult complex cases
This course will be delivered in English and translated into French.
Date: 25th
June 2016
Chris Chang, DDS., PhD.
ABO-Certified Orthodontist; Member, Angle Society Midwest Chapter;
Publisher, International Journal of Orthodontics & Implantology; Founder,
Newton’s A & Beethoven Orthodontic Center, Taiwan; Executive
producer, Podcast Encyclopedia in Orthodontics; Author, Jobsology,
Co-author, Orthodontics Vol I-III, Clinical Implant Dentistry I-II.
Dr. Chris Chang received his PhD in bone physiology and Certificate
in Orthodontics from Indiana University in 1996 and is a Diplomate of
American Board of Orthodontics(ABO).
Chris Chang
Dr. Chang frequently lectures worldwide on a wide range of topics,
including impaction treatment, gummy smile, miniscrews, implantorthodontic combined treatment and Jobs’ effective presentations. As a private instructor since
2006, he has taught over 2,000 doctors from more than 21 countries. In addition to teaching
and publishing, he also founded Newton’s A, Inc. and Beethoven Orthodontic and Implant
Group, based in Hsinchu, Taiwan. His passion in digital learning has led him to produce a
series of video courses on orthodontics and implantology and an App(iOS), Beethoven Dental
Encyclopedia(BDE). He has been actively involved in the design of orthodontic bone screws
and application on impaction treatment. His latest focus is implant and orthodontic combined
How to register:
Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam
Oudezijs Voorburgwal 197
1012 EX Amsterdam
Sign up for this course online at
www.ormcoeurope.com (Courses and Events), send
an email to [email protected] or speak to
your local territory manager.
Course schedule for both days:
Educational points:
Friday 14th and Saturday 15th October 2016 You can collect KRT points and NVVO points for
this course.
08:00-09:00: Welcome and registration
09:00-10:30: Lecture
10:30-11:00: Coffee break
11:00-12:30: Lecture
12:30-13:30: Lunch break
13:30-15:00: Lecture
15:00-15:30: Coffee break
15:30-:17:00: Lecture
Course fee e595.
You will be sent an invoice after the course.
Cancelation policy: Cancellations will only be accepted in writing via e-mail
([email protected]). Please note that according to our cancellation
policy, tuition fees will only be refunded if we receive your cancellation 4
weeks prior to the beginning of the course. If you cancel within 14-21 days
before the beginning of the course, we will charge 50% of the tuition. For
all cancellations within 13 days or less prior to the first course date we will
charge 100% of the tuition. No refunds will be given for non-attendance
without prior cancellation.
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