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Curriculum vitae - Dipartimento di Biologia
Tomas Morosinotto
Born 26th December 1976 in Bassano del Grappa VI (Italy)
Address: Dipartimento di Biologia, Complesso Biologico "A. Vallisneri"- Piano VI Nord, Via Ugo Bassi 58 B
35131 Padova, Italy
e-mail: [email protected]
web page: http://dept.bio.unipd.it/morosinotto
31st January 2005. Defence of PhD thesis entitled: “Light Harvesting Complexes In Higher Plants: Role,
Organisation And Regulation”.
2002 - 2004. PhD thesis shared between the Science Faculty of university of Verona (course in “industrial
and environmental biotechnologies”) and the Université de la Méditerranée in Marseille, France (course in
“life and health sciences”).
2001: Laurea cum laude in Biotechnology at the University of Verona, Faculty of Sciences. Thesis: "Funtional
Architecture of Lhca1: mutational analysis of higher plants Photosystem I antenna complex. Plant
biochemistry laboratory, Supervisor: Prof. Roberto Bassi.
Italian, English and French
2002 / 31st January 2005: PhD thesis under the supervision of Prof. Bassi, entitled: “Light Harvesting
Complexes in Higher Plants: Role, Organization and Regulation”. The main subject was the characterization
of the antenna system of Photosystem I. Heterologous proteins were expressed in bacteria and the
complex with pigments reconstituted in vitro and analyzed by biochemical and spectroscopic techniques.
Proteins were also subjected to site directed mutagenesis to investigate properties of individual pigments.
Regulation of antenna complexes of both Photosystem I and II following environmental conditions was also
studied. During the PhD thesis I co-supervised the work of 4 undergraduate students during a full year of
work in the laboratory.
Main experimental methods employed: Molecular biology (cloning, expression and mutagenesis of
recombinant proteins), biochemistry (Protein purification and characterization) and spectroscopic
techniques for the characterization of the pigment protein complexes (Absorption, fluorescence and CD
spectroscopy, linear dichroism, time resolved absorption and fluorescence, ODMR).
2005 – September 2005: Post-doc (grant awarded by the French Research ministry on a research proposal)
working at LBC (directed by Dr. David Pignol) at DEVM, CEA, Cadarache (France). The objective of the work
was the structural characterization by X-ray crystallography of violaxanthin deepoxidase (VDE), the enzyme
responsible for zeaxanthin synthesis in plants.
Main methods employed: protein expression, purification and crystallization; structure resolution from xray data. Contract was early ended because of the award of a permanent position.
October 2005 – 2006: Permanent CNRS researcher working at the LGBP (Laboratoire de Biophysique et
Génétique des Plantes) in the science Faculty, Marseille, (France). Part of the research was dedicated to
enzymes of carotenoid biosynthesis, continuing the work on VDE structure and function. The physiological
role of PSI antenna proteins was also investigated by characterizing physiologically plants depleted in
individual polypeptides. Finally, I started a new research line on the in silico and biochemical
characterization of Physcomitrella patens photosynthetic apparatus in order to identify subunits evolved
upon adaptation to land environment.
New experimental methods: Physiological characterization of photosynthetic organisms (Arabidopsis
thaliana and Physcomitrella patens); bioinformatic analysis of protein sequences. Renounced to the
position, opting for a position as assistant professor at University of Padua.
2007 – Date : Researcher (equivalent of assistant professor) in Biochemistry at the Sciences faculty of
University of Padua. The position implies some teaching duties (40 hours per year) as well as supervision of
the work of undergraduate students.
One main research line is the structural and functional characterization of Violaxanthin de-epoxidase and
Zeaxanthin Epoxidase, the enzymes responsible of the xanthophyll cycle. Another relevant line continued
the study of photoprotection responses in Physcomitrella patens. We exploited the capacity of this moss of
making homologous recombination to generate specific KO mutants depleted in proteins known to play a
role in photoprotection in higher plants (PSBS) and green algae (LHCSR) and characterizing their phenotype.
Acclimation response in plants (WT and mutants) grown in different light conditions was also studied.
Thanks the availability of an Electron Microscope in the department we characterized structural
organization of photosynthetic apparatus in mutant and light treated plants. This work was effective also
thank to a new optimized method for isolation of grana membranes from plants. I also exploited a machine
for fluorescence lifetimes for a better characterization of antenna proteins properties.
In 2009 I started working on the possible exploitation of photosynthetic organisms for biofuels production.
The model species of choice is Nannochloropsis gaditana, a heterokont algae capable of accumulating high
lipid amounts which is thus suitable for biodiesel production. We are currently analysing how
photosynthetic performances in different light conditions are affecting lipids accumulation. With the aim of
developing a more efficient process on a larger scale, in collaboration of Prof. Bertucco (Dip. Chemical
Engineering, Padua) we are studying the optimization of culture parameters to maximize lipids
accumulation by this alga. Since Nannochloropsis is poorly biologically characterized to improve present
knowledge and in the perspective of increasing it genetically we are also sequencing its genome in
collaboration with Prof. Valle (Biology Department, Padua), exploiting new generation sequencing
Finally, small part of the activity is dedicated to collaborative projects on the characterization of
photosynthetic organisms. One of this side projects is a collaboration with Dr. Dalla Rocca (Biology
Department, Padua) which are working with Antarctic algae adapted to live in environments characterised
by extreme light and temperature conditions and which shows peculiar adaptation of photoprotection
At present I am supervising the work of three PhD students, two post-doc as well as three master students
in their nine months laboratory experience required for the master degree. Since 2009 I am a member of
graduate school in Biochemistry and Biophysics.
Publication statistics:
 52 publications, 11 as first author, 14 as last, 14 as corresponding author
 Total IF: 251.15; Total IF as first or last Author: 122.667; Average IF 4.92; H index 23
52. Gerotto C, Morosinotto T*. Evolution of photoprotection mechanisms upon land colonization:
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decrease of chloroplast galactolipids and a reorganization of the photosynthetic apparatus. Eukaryotic
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2010: - “Vincenzo Caglioti” award presented by the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei as a young researcher
in Chemistry.
- “Robin Hill” award presented by the International Society of Photosynthesis as a young scientist (under
40) in photosynthesis.
2002: “Laura Polo” award presented by the Italian Society of Photobiology attributed for the best Master
thesis in Photobiology in 2000-2001
2012: ERC Starting Grant with a project entitled : “BioLEAP— Biotechnological optimization of light use
efficiency in algae photobioreactors”
2012: Mobility grant from University of Padova to support networking activities of young investigators
2012: FSE project from Regione Veneto, no 2105/1/5/1739/2011, entitled: “Bio-oil production from algae:
biotechnological optimization and development of and industrial process”
2010-2013. Participant to a contract with a company (Co.Pro.B.) aiming at the design and installation of a
photobioreactor for biomass production from algae. Phase I (2010-2011), aimed to the selection of a
suitable species for growth in the conditions identified by the contractor. Phase II (2012-2013) aims to
design and install a pilot scale photobioreactor.
2010 – Responsible of a research unit in a program “Biofuels from Seaweed”; sub-programme 1, “Biofuels
from Algae”, EERA (European Energy Research Alliance).
2010: - Responsible of a Research Unit in a proposal entitled “OptimAlgae - Optimization of chromophytic
algae and exploitation of new products”, Call FP7-KBBE-2010-4. Proposal currently not founded, inserted in
reserve list.
2009: - Responsible of a research unit on a project entitled “development of methods for microalgae
exploitation for biofuels production” financed by CUIA (Consorzio Universitario Italiano per l’Argentina),
coordinated by Prof. Pancaldi, University of Ferrara.
- Grant from University of Padova on a research proposal entitled: “Physcomitrella patens: a new model
organisms for the study of photosynthesis”
2008 – 2010: National coordinator of a PRIN project founded by the Italian Ministry of University and
Research entitled “Protein accumulation and turnover in plants”.
2007: Grant from CARIPARO foundation to support a PhD student working on a project entitled:
“Physcomitrella patens: a new model organism for the study of photosynthesis”
2005: Grant for a Post-doc position at LBC (Cadarache, France) awarded by the French Ministry of Research
on a project entitled “Structural studies of carotenoid binding proteins involved in protection from
oxidative stress”
ENERGIA, Accademia dei Georgofili, Firenze, 17th May 2012
- 2nd International Conference on Algal Biomass, S. Diego, USA, 11-15th June 2012
- Lecture on Photosynthesis, Summer School of Photobiology organized by ESP (European Society of
Photobiology), June 2012
- Inviter speaker at ALGAE EUROPE “From Food to bio-fuel: the algal value chain”. Rome, 7th
September 2012
- Invited Speaker at the SIBPA meeting (Italian Society for pure and applied biophysics), September
2011: - Invited speaker at Western Photosynthesis Conference, Asilomar, CA, USA, 6-9th January.
- Joint meeting of French, Italian, Swiss, Belgian societies of Photosynthesis, Paris (France) 16-17th
- Chair of the session “Crop Productivity: Physiology and genetics” of the joint SIBV-SIGA (Italian
societies of plant biology and plant genetics) meeting
2010: - Invited speaker to International Congress of Photosynthesis, Beijing China 22-27th August
-Invited to attend as Italian representative for Young Scientists to World Economic Forum “Summer
Davos – Annual Meeting of the New Champions”, on the theme “Driving Growth through
Sustainability” Tianjin, People’s Republic of China 13-15 September 2010
- IBIC (Industrial Biotechnology International Congress), Padova 11-14th April 2010
- Meeting of the Italian Society of Plant Biology, Rome 29th June- 1st July 2010
- Meeting of the Phycology group of the Botanical Italian Society, Padova, 22-23rd October
2009: - European Biophysics Congress Genoa 11-15th July 2009, G e n o a , Italy
- International workshop on Photoprotection and Non Photochemical Quenching, Parsberg,
- Meeting of the Italian Society of Photobiology, Locorotondo (BA), Italy
2008: - Invited Speaker at the International Workshop on Photosynthesis, Bichl, Germany 28th September
– 1st October 2008
- Meeting of the Italian Society of Plant Physiology, Pisa (Italy)
- Italian Society of Evolutionary Biology, Alghero (SS), Italy
2007: - Photosynthesis 2007 Antenna Satellite meeting, Drymen, Scotland
2006: - Meeting of the French society of Photosynthesis
2004: - PS 2004 Light-Harvesting Systems Workshop A Satellite Meeting to the 13th International Congress
on Photosynthesis/Montréal 26th – 29th August 2004.
2003: - Tetrapyrrole conference Passau (Germany), 6-10 October 2003.
2002: - Meeting of the Italian Society of Photobiology, Padova, 2002.
2011/ 2012 - present : appointed to teach “Bioenergy” to master students in Biotechnology and
“Biochemistry” to students in Natural Sciences.
2006/ 2007 – 2009/2010 : teaching “Methods in Biochemistry” (40 hours + 16 of lab practice) for the
degree in Molecular Biology, Università di Padova.
2006 – present : Supervisor (or co-supervisor) of 6 PhD students, Giorgia Saga (co-supervisor, 2006-2008),
Caterina Gerotto (2008-2010), Diana Simionato (2009-2011), Stefania Basso (2011-2013), Andrea
Meneghesso and Giorgio Perin (2013-2015).
2007 – present : Supervisor of 8 Master degree students (9 months of laboratory experience) in Molecular
Biology/ Biotechnology/ Evolutionary Biology, University of Padua.
2008 – present : Member of the Final Exam committee Diploma degree in Molecular Biology, Science
faculty, University of Padua.
2006: Course in “plants response to environment” (20 hours, in French) in the biology degree in the
Université de la Mediterranée, Marseille, France.
- Member of the Italian Society of Plant Biology; International Society of Photosynthesis Research
- Acted as invited reviewer for PNAS, Plant Cell, Plant Physiology, BBA-Bioenergetics, Bioresource
Technology, Biophysical Journal, Frontiers in Plant Genetics and Genomics, Planta, FEBS Letters, Molecular
Plant, Plant Molecular Biology, Journal of Phycology, Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Journal of
Integrative Plant Biology, Molecular Biology Reports, Algal Research, European Journal of Biophysics,
European Journal of Phycology, Photochemistry and Photobiology, Applied Microbiology and
Biotechnology. Reviewer also for founding agencies: Italian Ministry of research, BARD (United States –
Israel Binational Agricultural Research and Development Fund), NWO (Netherlands Organisation for
Scientific Research), Czech Science Foundation.
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