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Guide - Agraria UniPD
Welcome to the University of Padova
and to the Campus of Agripolis
The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Padova was established in 1946
At first the Faculty provided for the degree in Agricultural Sciences but later, in 1968, the degree in
Forestry Sciences was added
In recent years the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences has become more and more aware that the use of
agricultural and forestry resources needs higher respect from environmental and human health point
of view. This consciousness has led to new teaching and research activities in the fields of
environment protection, and food quality and safety
At present the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences account for 2,700 students (undergraduate and
graduate), 90 PhD students and 30 researchers with scholarship; 80 professors and 35 researchers,
100 technicians and secretaries
In 1995 the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences moved in Legnaro, just a few miles away from Padova
The Campus includes the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine , the "Lucio Toniolo“ experimental farm, the
Regional Agency for Agriculture ("Veneto Agricoltura"), the Regional Institute for Animal Health and
Hygiene and many agricultural and student associations.
How to get around
Department of Environmental Agronomy and Crop
Department of Agricultural Biotechnology
Department of Animal Science
Department of Land Use and Agricultural and
Forestry Systems
Department of Public Health, Comparative Pathology
and Veterinary Hygiene
Department of Veterinary Clinical Science
Veterinary Hospital
"Pentagono“ building
Regional Agency for Agriculture "Veneto
"Ca’ Gialla“ building
Cafeteria and restaurant
"Agripolis“ apartments
Regional Institute for Animal Health and Hygiene
"Lucio Toniolo“ experimental farm
Sport facilities
We are ready to start our tour for discovering the Campus of Agripolis
Before you start the tour, please make sure that you have downloaded
a copy of the accompanying map or that you pick up one from the
Tutor Junior Office, Ca’ Gialla, on your arrival.
(Do not be afraid …. the Campus is not too wide and you will not risk
to lose the way!)
If you get here by bus or car you will be at the main entrance
Inserire foto dell’ingresso
If you look to your left, you will see two
buildings housing all the Departments,
Professors’ officies, scientific laboratories
and some facilities for graduating students;
At the moment it will be better not to enter
into the buildings because all the
information you need are not provided in
these buildings
Lets then go towards the building at
your right called “Pentagono” for its
peculiar shape.
Registration office, main lecture room and microscope laboratory are housed on
the ground floor of the “Pentagono” building
On the first floor there are many lecture rooms, light full study rooms, laboratories of
Botany & Entomology and Chemistry.
“Pietro Arduino” library is on the third floor. This is where you will find your core texts, study for
exams, write essays or do some of your photocopying! If you are uncertain about using library
catalogues or certain software packages that you need for your studies, the library staff provide
written self-help guides as well as training, especially for Freshers. This floor houses three IT labs
available to students, here with open access and internet connection
Lets get back to the ground floor. Exit the building by the entrance next to registration office. Turn
left and walk keeping the crescent-shaped building of “Veneto Agricoltura” on your right. At the far
end of the path you will see the “Ca’ Gialla” building
On each floor of this building there are many
lecture rooms and study rooms. Moreover the
second floor houses the Dean’s office of the
Faculties of Agricultural Sciences and
Veterinary Medicine and the Tutor Junior
But lets going on with order:
Before getting into the building you can
have a break at the Cafeteria where
students are used to take some snacks
during free time, after lunch or at the end
of the day when they order a “Spritz”, the
most famous aperitif in Padova
Soon after the break lets proceed with the tour:
Entering the building you will be in a big hall from which you can get to the Restaurant. Here you
can have cold and hot dishes and a wide selection of pizzas. A discounted price is provide to the
holder of the university badge
Some other lecture rooms are housed on the ground floor
First floor houses a small IT lab with open
access and internet connection
In the same room all courses study material is
available for photocopying
Six study rooms are on this floor too
The second floor houses the Dean’s office of the
Faculties of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary
Medicine and the Tutor Junior Office where a
student staff will assist you in everything you
The tour is at its end but if you like you can give a look at
the Agripolis apartment building right behind the Ca’ Gialla
building or going back to the Departments buildings you
have seen on your left when you have passed the main
entrance of the Campus
Be aware that you must know where you want to go
because Departments buildings are very huge buildings
Fingerpost placed at ground floor and at each floor of the
Departments buildings will indicate you the proper
A complete map of the building
is at your disposal on the faculty
of Agricultural Sciences web
page or on the Campus guide
available at the Dean’s
Secretary office of the Faculty
of Agricultural Sciences
Campus amusing activities
Here there are some of the amusing activities organized by the students for the students at the Campus
05/06 Events
Football, volley, and all
kind of sport performances
all day long followed by the
Agriparty. One of the
biggest party organized at
the beginning of June of
each academic year by the
students of the Faculty of
Agricultural Sciences.
24 March: a meeting
with Philippe Daverio
– art reviewer – and
the “ Italian string
orchestra” in concert
7 April: a meeting
with Michele
dall'Ongaro composer and song
writer - and the
“Italian string
orchestra” in concert
Several bands play and
hundreds of
crowd the lawn drinking
beer and dancing
28 April: a meeting
with Luca Mercalli meteorologist –
Younger brother of Agriparty
organized by the students of
the Faculties of Agricultural
October-November of each
academic year
The right moment to meet
new people drinking hot wine
and eating chestnuts always
listening good live music
Five a side tournament
If you want to stretch your legs, or
take your revenge on professors
this is the right time!
Getting there
Highway A4: Milano - Venezia
Exit Padova Est
follow Piove di Sacco – Chioggia signs
Highway A13: Bologna - Padova
Exit Padova Zona Industriale
follow Ponte S. Nicolò – Chioggia signs
Padova Railway Station - 10 km from Agripolis
Bus: Padova Railway Station - Agripolis
Daily connections
Student discounts available
Venice Airport "Marco Polo" - 40 km
Treviso Airport – 30 km
1. SASSA SERVICE: Go to the accommodation office (SASSA
SERVICE, Via Tiepolo 48 – Opening time: from Monday till
Friday from 9am to 1pm and from 3pm to 4.30pm) in order
to inform of your arrival and to get first information about
lodging (but not only!). You’ll receive a folder containing
some useful papers to settle your Erasmus position
(Se.R.I): the office is in Via VIII Febbraio 2 and you are
invited to come in the date and time that SASSA Service
will tell you: please don’t miss it!! You will not have a
new date!!
Be sure of having with you:
• Identity paper (passport or identity card);
• Erasmus certification issued by home university;
• student card;
• 6 passport-size photos (8 for non EU-citizens);
• European Health Insurance Card (or private health
• visa (if you are non EU-citizen);
• the Police form to request the permit of stay;
• your “scheda studente”;
• the form to pay the university insurance; (the last 3
papers should be in the SASSA folder).
Without these papers you will not be able to be enroll as
Erasmus student at our University
3. Permit of stay: this point is really important in order to
formalize your staying in Italy. We will give you an
envelope with necessary papers: you should bring it to
SAOS office (at Se.R.I.) with your identity card/passport to
request the permit of stay. Remember that if you live in
Padova in a private accommodation, you are required to
bring also a declaration of hospitality by the owner of the
flat and a copy of the lease
4. ESU (via S. Francesco 122): Se.R.I. will give you a second
envelope with the documents you should bring to ESU
office to get the canteen card. ESU office is located in via
S. Francesco 122, opening time from Monday till Friday
from 8.30am to 11.30am, and Saturday morning from 9am
to 10am
5. SEGRETERIA STUDENTI: to enroll in different classes,
within 15/20 days after your arrival you are supposed to
go to Registration Office “Segreteria Studenti di Facoltà”
and give them 2 passport-size photos and the form called
"modello S19" that you will receive at Servizio Relazioni
Internazionali Studenti. The form should be filled in with
your personal data and the list of courses you would like
to follow at the University of Padova.
Then you should also add:
• a “marca da bollo” of Euro 14.62 (a sort of stamp you buy
at the tobacconist’s)
• the “scheda studente” you got from SASSA
• the receipt of the payment of Euro 8.50 for the university
"Segreteria Studenti" will give you the “libretto dello
studente Erasmus” where you have your examinations
(taken in Padova) registered.
“Segreteria Studenti” is located at Pentagono building –
ground floor - Viale dell'Università,16 35020 - Legnaro
(PD) and opening time is from Monday till Friday from
10am to 12.30am, Tuesday also from 3pm to 4.30pm
Erasmus students can attend, free of charge, a course of
Italian language organized by Centro Linguistico di
Ateneo (via Anghinoni 10):
see the web page http://claweb.cla.unipd.it/ For
further information please contact Dr Mrs Daniela Griggio
at Centro Linguistico di Ateneo (via Anghinoni 10, tel.
049 8274451, e-mail: [email protected]), on
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am to 12am
7. MORE INFORMATION: please remember to keep with
• E-111 or E-128 for health insurance;
• the certificate of the University of Padova stating your
status of Erasmus student;
• the visa (if you are non EU-citizen)
8. ABOUT YOUR EXAMS IN PADOVA: when you pass an
exam in our University, please remember the professor
to write down the name of the course and the mark on
you “libretto dello studente Erasmus” and on professor’s
book (“verbale”), otherwise you will not receive your
transcript of records!
9. AT THE END OF YOUR ERASMUS STAY: in order to have
a certificate with the exams you have passed through in
Padova (transcript of records), you should request it to
"Segreteria Studenti" some days before your departure,
giving your “libretto dello studente Erasmus” and a
“marca da bollo” of Euro 14.62, telling them the exact
address where you would like to receive the certificate
PAY ATTENTION: transcript of records could not be sent
without the request and the “marca da bollo”
in order to have a certificate stating your Erasmus stay
in Padova, you should go to Servizio Relazioni
Internazionali Studenti: the date of the certificate issue
will attest also the end of your Erasmus stay
We hope you have enjoyed your visit to the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions
We look forward to see you at Agripolis Campus
Agripolis Campus
Viale dell'Università 16 - 35020 Legnaro PD- Italy
(10 km from Padua and 30 km from Venice)
Dean: Prof. Raffaele Cavalli
e-mail: [email protected]
Dean’s Secretary:
tel. ++39 049/827.2535/2534/2533/2532
fax:++39 049/827.2529
e-mail: [email protected]
Tutor junior office:
Tel. ++39 049/827.2544
E-mail: [email protected]
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