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Thomas Woznicki “Golf Records” Alibi and “Falsified Documents”

The first two pages appear to contain selected portions of a “grievance arbitration” document associated with Thomas Woznicki and the New Richmond, Wisconsin school district. The text on the second page appears to suggest that Mr. Woznicki may have used “golf records” as his alibi, even though he was apparently the “President” of the organization that produced the records. It is unclear whether Thomas Woznicki’s position as President of the Hammond Golf Club could have potentially allowed him to fabricate or falsify the “golf records” that may have functioned as his alibi. The Boscobel School Board Minutes document on the third page mentions Thomas Woznicki and appears to reference “falsified documents” and “misrepresented” funds. The remaining pages appear to contain a series of emails, several of which were sent by Thomas Woznicki, pertaining to the documents in question.
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