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Steve Clayton - Università Bocconi
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Open Lecture by
Steve Clayton
GM Communication, Microsoft Corporation
Università Commerciale
Luigi Bocconi
20 April 2016 3:00pm Aula Zappa via Sarfatti 25
Welcome Address
Antonella Carù
Dean, Bocconi Graduate School
Paola Cillo
Director, MSc Economics and Management of Innovation and
Technology, Bocconi University
Steve Clayton
GM Communication, Microsoft Corporation
Q&A Session
Stefania Borghini
Director, MSc in Marketing Management, Bocconi University
For information
[email protected]
Online registration at
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Steve Clayton General Manager, Microsoft Storytelling. In this role, Steve is responsible for
Microsoft communications via the CEO and executive voices, along with channels such as
Microsoft News Center, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Steve was the architect of the
acclaimed “88 Acres” story that heralded a new direction for Microsoft’s corporate storytelling
and led to the creation of microsoft.com/stories.
Prior to this, Steve held roles as Director of Cloud Strategy in Microsoft International and CTO
of Microsoft's UK Partner Group. He has worked at Microsoft for over 17 years in a range of
sales and technical roles – always with a passion for technology and its potential impact on the
Steve has been awarded the coveted Microsoft Circle of Excellence Award three times during
his career. He has a keen interest in all areas of technology and before launching the Next at
Microsoft site, authored the award winning blog titled “Geek in Disguise”.
Steve holds a 1st class Honors degree from Loughborough University in Information and
Computing. Outside of work, he is a fan of Liverpool Football Club and enjoys design and
scuba diving.
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