THOMAS BRAIDA SOLO SHOW Opening sabato 6 febbraio h 11

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THOMAS BRAIDA SOLO SHOW Opening sabato 6 febbraio h 11
Opening sabato 6 febbraio
h 11 – 16 | Brunch in galleria dalle 11 alle 14
Monitor is delighted to host the Rome solo debut of Thomas Braida (Gorizia, 1982),
following his first show at Monitor Studio, New York, last January. For his Roman
debut, Braida has completed a dense body of paintings on supports ranging from
canvas to wood and paper, offering a broad take on the variegated nature of his
artistic research.
An extract from ‘The catlover artist’ (2014) an interview with Thomas Braida curated
by Caroline Corbetta (curator and artistic director at Crepaccio, Milano)
CC – What would you do if you were to stop painting?
TB – So many beautiful things, I’m creative. I amuse myself with all kinds of activities
– cooking, eating, moulding clay, planting plants, making (and tasting) grappa teas,
bricolage, looking after cats. I think I would live in the country, read and paint
beautiful landscapes, so you see in the end I wouldn’t stop painting.
CC – Rather than saying you simply “use” the painting medium, you define yourself
with the slightly anachronistic term “painter”. But ultimately you really couldn’t care
less – you are out of fashion, out of the trend and yet so within the flux of art history.
And that is your strength. Are you aware of the fact that you paint well, so intensely
and with such honesty?
TB – Yes, well, sooner or later you realise. But it’s not my fault and to me it’s the least
you can do when you paint. Painting is not a job you can do well if you have your eye
on trends.
The show will be accompanied by a critical text by Ilaria Gianni (Curator and writer),
which will be presented after the exhibition at Monitor.
Until March 12th
Thomas Braida, Gorizia 1982. He works and lives in Venice.
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