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Perspective for Parents
for Parents
I am doubly blessed to be a member
of the La Salle family as both an
administrator and the mother of
a current student. I use the word
“family” because La Salle University
warmly embraces its members—
students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
It was this welcoming spirit that attracted
my daughter to La Salle. I am passionate about
the University and would like to share with you
some unique characteristics of this educational
treasure that spans more than 150 years.
Though La Salle traces its roots to 1863, we need to look back 300 years ago to St. John
Baptist de La Salle to discover the origins of this special community of learners. This man
found himself called to improve the educational opportunities of the poor in France and
founded an order of “brothers” committed to the education of youth. Our founder was
a teacher who emphasized practical and theoretical knowledge.
La Salle: By the Numbers
beautiful acres
in northwest
of full-time faculty hold
a Ph.D. or the highest
degree in their field
Undergraduate full-time
student population
Fulbright Scholars
Female-to-male ratio
Emmy Awardwinning alumni
Fast forward to the 21st century and our campus, and you will find that same level
of dedication and zeal for educating students. Though our pedagogy has evolved and
expanded over the centuries, we continue to remain focused on this important Lasallian
theme: educating and transforming the hearts and minds of our students so that each
graduate can discover his or her unique purpose.
residents, with four years
of guaranteed housing
hours of community
service annually
La Salle University offers rigorous programs taught by outstanding scholars. Our schools
and majors are recognized by leading academic and professional accrediting bodies, which
ensure we maintain high standards.
Average class size,
with less than 5 percent
of classes surpassing
40 students
of our students
are ethnically diverse
In this challenging global economic climate, I have been amazed and gratified to see
how our students benefit from the generous and successful alumni who continue to share
their professional expertise as mentors, sponsors, and employers. Our accomplished
alumni return to campus to speak to classes, network, and hire current students for
internships and permanent positions.
Student-to-faculty ratio
These are a few of the reasons I feel privileged to work at La Salle and why my daughter
chose to become an Explorer. I wish you all the best as you and your child move through
this process.
MarySheila E. McDonald, Esq.
Associate Dean, La Salle University School of Business
faculty-taught classes:
No graduate assistants
(T.A.s) teach at La Salle.
undergraduate majors
student organizations
Career and Employment Services
Nicole K. Bailey
What our Career Services Center will
do for your son or daughter:
Senior Career Counselor
Transitioning students from freshmen to gainfully
employed graduates is a specialty of the Career
Services Center at La Salle. With the help of
ExploreU—a unique five-step career exploration
model used by the University to engage students
in making decisions about their futures, we can help
you discover the career path that is right for you!
•Provide personalized career counseling to help
identify career goals; create and refine résumés
and cover letters; and develop personal job searches.
•Offer workshops to assist with developing interviewing skills and with handling job fairs and
networking events.
•Teach them to use eXplorenet, our online system
in which students can maintain their résumés
electronically and apply to organizations and
companies that recruit La Salle students.
•Host various networking events to connect
students with alumni and employers, and organize
career panels where students will learn about
career options available to them.
James E. Moore
Vice President for Student Affairs
Dean of Students
•Conduct mock interviews to help them prepare for actual interviews
for internships, co-ops, and full-time positions.
•Arrange on-campus interviews with local and national employers as well as
our annual Career Expo, which allows students to interact with hundreds
of employers seeking to hire La Salle students and graduates.
The program begins during freshman year, when
students use assessment tools to help them determine career options and how those options relate
to their academic major, or simply to affirm and
build upon their knowledge. By utilizing the multitude of services available in the Career
Services Center, ExploreU moves students down a path of discovery and experience
throughout their time at La Salle. That experience culminates in employment and
graduate school options and continues to support students after graduation.
I believe that ExploreU provides structure to what many students are already doing
by helping them focus and stay on the right track in life after La Salle. The program
gives students ownership of the process, and it helps them think of how all of their
college experiences collectively add to their pursuits after graduation.
•Provide graduate school information and preparation for the entrance exams.
We hope that your student chooses to attend La Salle, and we expect that he or she will
have the same type of career success that so many of our graduates have enjoyed.
Three-year passing rate for La Salle’s
2013–2015 M.S. graduates of the
national certifying exam for speechlanguage pathologists. The national
average annually ranges from 75%–85%.
of La Salle graduates are employed,
volunteering full-time through
service programs, or pursuing
additional education full-time
within one year of graduation.
La Salle’s medical school placement rate from 2013 to 2015 for students
who were recommended or highly recommended by the University.
Our outstanding Career Services Center team is here to ensure that students leave with
increased confidence and in greater control of their futures.
Median Salaries
Economic Advantage of College
from a 2014 National Associaton of Colleges
and Employers Survey
from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics
May 24, 2014, report
Accounting: $50,700
Business Administration: $52,900
Communication: $45,000
Computer Science: $64,100
Education: $40,900
Finance: $52,800
History: $39,100
Information Systems: $59,500
Marketing: $51,100
Nursing: $53,800
Type of Degree
Annual Earnings
Less than high school . . . . . . . . . . . . . $24,544
High school diploma . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $33,852
Some college, no degree . . . . . . . . . . $37,804
Associate’s degree . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $40,404
Bachelor’s degree . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $57,616
Master’s degree . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $69,108
Professional degree . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $89,128
Doctoral degree . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $84,396
Life After La Salle
Our students receive a foundation in the liberal arts, which
provides the communication, critical-thinking, and problem-solving
skills necessary to become effective leaders in many industries.
Below is a sampling of employers that have hired our alumni.
Employers Hiring Our Students
Learning Support Services
A student’s freshman year can be challenging and stressful. La Salle
provides several programs to aid with the transition, which ultimately
makes our students more successful in their environment. Students
are encouraged to take advantage of any of these programs:
Freshman Advising
Study Skills Workshops
Each student is assigned an adviser
who assists students with advice, course
registration, campus policies, and more.
Free workshops are offered each semester
on a variety of topics, including time
management, exam preparations, organizations, and more.
Sheekey Writing Center
Here, we offer invaluable help to all students
on topic development, proper writing style
and technique, and draft review.
Peer Tutors
Formally trained upperclassmen work
with students on an individual basis
in all subject areas.
Math Tutoring Lounge
Free mathematics tutoring is offered
for students, regardless of course level.
Student-Athlete Academic
Support Services
Academic and personal support, counseling,
educational programming, and career exploration are provided for all student-athletes.
All services are available at no charge to students. Their success is our highest priority.
We will support their endeavors in every way possible—from their first day on campus
until graduation.
97.5 The Fanatic
Abington Memorial Hospital
Air Defense Artillery
Al Dupont Hospital
for Children
Albert Einstein Health System
American Independent
Insurance Company
Archdiocese of Philadelphia
Aria Health
Automotive Resources
International (ARI)
AXA Advisors/
Karr Barth Associates
Baker Tilly Virchow
Krause, LLP
Banana Republic
Bank of America
Bayada Home Health Care
Blue Cross of Pennsylvania
BNY Mellon
Brinker, Simpson
& Company LLC
Bryn Mawr Hospital
Burlington County
Chamber of Commerce
Calvin Klein
Cancer Treatment
Centers of America
Capital One
CBS News
CBS Radio
Center City Film and Video
Chestnut Hill Local
Children’s Hospital
of Philadelphia
Christian Brothers Academy
Christiana Care
Health System
Clear Channel
Comcast Corporation
Comcast SportsNet
Country Life Vitamins
Courier Publications, LLC
Defense Logistics Agency
Troop Support
Del Frisco’s Restaurant
Delaware County
Memorial Hospital
Department of
Human Services
Dick’s Sporting Goods
Disc Makers
Dunkin’ Donuts
eBay Enterprise
Educational Testing
Service (ETS)
Educere, LLC
Einstein Healthcare Network
Einstein Hospital
Ernst & Young
FBR Investment Bank
Ford Motor Company
Geisinger Health System
Genesis Systems, Inc.
Goldman Sachs
Google Inc.
Hahnemann University
Hospital of the University
of Pennsylvania
Independence Blue Cross
Planning Group
Infinite Conferencing
Johns Hopkins University
& Hospital
Johnson & Johnson
JP Morgan Chase
Katie Griffin Casting
Kennedy Health System
Lehigh Valley Health Network
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Lindy Property
Management Co.
Lockheed Martin
Lowe’s Companies, Inc.
Mangos Inc.
McNeil Consumer Healthcare
MLB Advanced Media
National Multiple
Sclerosis Society
New York Presbyterian
Northwestern Mutual
Outward Bound Philadelphia
Penn Medicine
Penn Presbyterian Hospital
Pennsylvania Hospital
PepsiCo Incorporated
PHH Mortgage
Philadelphia Department
of Parks and Recreation
Philadelphia Gas Works
Philadelphia Insurance
Philadelphia Police
Police and Fire Federal
Credit Union
Prudential Financial
RE/MAX Platinum Properties
SAP America Incorporated
SEI Investments
Sirius XM Radio
St. Christopher’s Hospital
for Children
St. Joseph’s Villa
St. Luke’s University
Health Network
St. Mary Medical Center
Subaru of America, Inc.
Susquehanna International
Group, LLP
T. Rowe Price
Target, Inc.
Teach for America
The Franklin Institute
The Fulbright Program
The Tonight Show Starring
Jimmy Fallon
The Vanguard Group
The Walt Disney Company
The Wharton School
Thomas Jefferson
University Hospital
Town Advisor
Tropicana Casino & Resort
Twining Village Health
Care Center
United States
Secret Service
University of Pennsylvania
Health System
Wawa Inc.
Westin Philadelphia
WIP Radio
WMMR Radio
Michael Farrell, ‘07
Assistant Principal—Support Services,
Mastery Charter Schools
Sue Carusi, ‘82
Independent Law Practice Professional
Member, La Salle University Board of Trustees
One of the things I always remember about my La Salle education is my first literature class
with John Seydow. As an English major, I thought that I already knew how to analyze
a work of literature and write a paper, but Dr. Seydow patiently and painstakingly showed
me how it could be even better. The A-minus I received on that paper remains the grade
I am most proud to have earned in my four years at La Salle. And, almost 30 years later,
Dr. Seydow continued to impact my life by helping my daughter Kelly, ’11, discover the
joy of reading.
Diagnosed with decoding issues as a teenager, Kelly always found reading to be a slow
and tedious process; it wasn’t until Dr. Seydow assigned The Silver Linings Playbook
by Matthew Quick (another La Salle graduate) to his students that Kelly found a book
she couldn’t put down, consuming it in less than a day and a half. For the first time
in her life, Kelly understood how much fun reading could be and how a book could
change your life. This was a gift that La Salle gave to her and to me.
As the co-founder of a foundation that assists needy students with their college education,
I have been able to help other students receive a La Salle education. In every instance,
the students I’ve helped spoke about what La Salle has taught them outside the classroom
as well as inside—the changes that La Salle has effected in their lives, teaching them
compassion and service to others, providing the opportunity to see the world beyond
their hometown through travel/study classes and service trips, and giving them the
ability to create lifelong friendships.
La Salle changes lives; a La Salle education is forever, in more ways than one.
Over the years, people have told me that
they, too, immediately knew La Salle was
home for them at their first visit to campus.
It was the down-to-earth nature of both
the students and the staff and a connectedness across the campus that promised to
be the right fit for me. Over the next four
years, this feeling became more and more
apparent with each passing day.
My La Salle experience did not feel as
though I was being prepared for the “real
world,” because it very much was the “real
world.” My leadership skills were developed
through various student-led community
service organizations, and working with
and for the community yielded some
of my proudest moments.
My learning extended beyond the campus
into the local community and throughout
I quickly learned and felt the Lasallian
traditions of service and community.
My world expanded as I wrestled with
the complexity of social justice issues and
encountered them firsthand through
multiple travel/study courses throughout
the world. My practical field and course
work within in my major prepared me for
my career as an educator. The constant
push to think more deeply and engage
with my classmates broadened my views
and connected me with others.
Years later, I continue to value the relationships and experiences that started at 20th
and Olney and continue to extend beyond.
Academic Programs
• Accounting: 4-Year (B.S.)
• Accounting: 4-Year (BS/MBA)
• American Studies
• Art History
• Biochemistry
• Biology
• Business Administration
• Business Systems and Analytics
• Chemistry
• Communication
—Communication Management
—Mass Communication
—Public Relations
• Communication Sciences and Disorders:
4-Year (B.S.)
• Communication Sciences and Disorders:
5-Year (B.S./M.S.)
• Computer Science (B.A. or B.S.)
• Criminal Justice
• Digital Arts and Multimedia Design (DArt)
• Economics
• Economics and International Studies
• Education
—4-Year Middle-Level Education (B.A.)
—4-Year Middle-Level Education/
Special Education (B.A.)
—4-Year Pre-K to 4/
Special Education (B.A.)
—4-Year Secondary Education
(Grades 7–12) (B.A.)
—5-Year Middle-Level Education
—5-Year Middle-Level Education/
Special Education (B.A./M.A.)
—5-Year Pre-K to 4/Special Education
—5-Year Secondary Education
• Environmental Science
• Environmental Studies
La Salle’s Innovative Programs
• Finance
Languages and Literatures
• Foreign
• Geology
• History: 4-Year (B.A.)
• History: 5-Year (B.A./M.A.)
• Information Technology
• Integrated Science, Business,
and Technology (ISBT)
• International Business
• International Relations
• Management and Leadership
• Marketing
• Mathematics (B.A. or B.S.)
• Medical Technology*
• Nursing
• Nutrition
• Occupational Therapy*
• Philosophy
• Political Science
• Politics, Philosophy, and Economics
• Pre-Professional: Dentistry
• Pre-Professional: Law
• Pre-Professional: Medicine
• Pre-Professional: Veterinary Science
• Psychology
• Public Administration
• Public Health
• Religion
• Social Work
• Sociology
• School of Arts and Sciences
• School of Business
• School of Nursing and Health Sciences
ffiliated Programs with
* AThomas
Jefferson University
Honors Program
Public Health
Established in 1963, the Honors Program
at La Salle is regarded by many as a
national model. The National Collegiate
Honors Council describes the program as
“a very special sort, not available to larger
general universities.” Honors students are
leaders who move on to the nation’s most
prestigious graduate and professional schools
and to rewarding careers in law, medicine,
education, business, and government.
The health and safety of communities,
including vulnerable and diverse groups, is
essential to the welfare of global citizens.
Our degree in public health provides a professionally focused program that promotes
students’ understanding of broad and
focused public health concerns in community, regional, and state-wide locations, as
well as nationally and internationally.
Summit Program
The Summit Program is a rigorous academic preparation program that provides
structured support and resources to targeted
first-year students during their transition
from high school to college. The constellation of resources and services provided
helps students thrive academically, socially,
and spiritually and take initial steps toward
their personal goals.
For more information, contact the
Office of Undergraduate Admission
([email protected]).
Business Scholars Co-op Program
The La Salle Business Scholars Co-op
Program is open to high school seniors
demonstrating the highest academic
achievement. Eligible students are given
the unique opportunity to graduate in
four years with two full-time co-op work
experiences. Our students receive academic
credit while also earning a salary.
4-Year BS/MBA in Accounting
This selective admission program rewards
high-achieving students by entering them
into an accelerated program. These students
will complete the requirements for a
Bachelor of Science in accounting
in three years, followed by a transition
into our Full-time MBA program.
Politics, Philosophy, and
Economics Major (PPE)
La Salle is one of the only universities
in the region to offer this blend of three
disciplines, which creates a unified major
that will help students to understand and
analyze political, social, economic, and
ethical issues and become engaged and
informed citizens of the local, national,
and global community.
La Salle Parents and Families
La Salle Scholarships
[email protected]
La Salle University
Financial Aid Office
[email protected]
La Salle University
Undergraduate Admission
1900 West Olney Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
19141-1199 USA
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