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peNsacOla reGiONal caMpus the flOriDa state uNiVersity cOlleGe Of MeDiciNe
the flOriDa state uNiVersity cOlleGe Of MeDiciNe
8880 University Parkway, Suite A | Pensacola, FL 32514-4911 | Paul McLeod, M.D., Campus Dean
[email protected] | (850) 494-5939
DeaN’s MessaGe.....................................................................................................
“It is hard to believe that seven classes of students have already
graduated from the FSU College of Medicine. Thanks to the dedication
and expertise of our local physician faculty, the Pensacola Regional
Campus graduated its 96th student in May 2011. As wonderful as those
numbers are, they are just numbers. The real story lies behind the
numbers. It is the story of a medical community coming together to
establish the next generation of physicians for the state of Florida. It is
the untold hours of work on our students’ part to prepare and prove they
have what it takes to be compassionate, patient-centered physicians,
many serving in communities that need physicians now more than ever.
It is a loyal community faculty dedicated to lifelong learning in their quest
to educate our students and also bring valuable knowledge to the care
of their patients. In the coming years, many more students will graduate
and pursue their dreams as a result of our community-based model of
medical education. Nothing could be more important for our students,
our physician faculty members and the community that they serve.”
Paul McLeod, M.D., Campus Dean
h a N Ds - O N
Third-year students at Pensacola campus: 21
Fourth-year students at Pensacola campus: 19
Total number of College of Medicine graduates so far: 450
Graduates who trained at Pensacola campus: 96
College of Medicine graduates serving in residencies or fellowships in
Pensacola area:
Todd Besnoff, M.D.
Jennifer Walker, M.D.
resiDeNcy &
Anne-Marie Piantanida-Whitlock, M.D.
College of Medicine graduates in practice in Pensacola area:
Kara Brooks, M.D.
Victor Hultstrand, M.D.
Brian Gibson, M.D.
Jason Rocha, M.D.
As a community-based medical school, the Florida State University College
of Medicine provides clinical training through affiliations with local physicians,
ambulatory-care facilities and hospitals throughout the state. At this campus,
our students learn alongside physician/faculty members in:
Gulf Breeze
Perdido Key
Fort Walton Beach
Material on these pages was last updated in February 2012.
For similar information about the College of Medicine’s five other regional campuses, visit www.med.fsu.edu.
The Pensacola Regional Campus is proud to recognize these partner
institutions and organizations:
Baptist Health Care
Escambia County Medical Society
Fort Walton Beach Medical Center
Lakeview Center
Naval Hospital Pensacola
Nemours Children’s Clinic
Sacred Heart Health System
Santa Rosa Medical Center
VA Gulf Coast Health Care System
West Florida Hospital
These physicians oversee third- and fourth-year students’ rotations in
various specialties:
Robert Anderson, M.D., Internal Medicine
Suzanne Bush, M.D., Obstetrics-Gynecology
Jeffery Chicola, M.D., Surgery
Michelle Grier-Hall, M.D., Pediatrics (Co-director)
Donna Jacobi Pruett, M.D., Geriatrics
Dennis Mayeaux, M.D., Family Medicine
Lawrence Mobley, M.D., Psychiatry
Mark Stavros, M.D., Emergency Medicine
Robert Wilson, M.D., Pediatrics (Co-director)
Paul Baroco, M.D., Director, Medical Education, Sacred Heart Health System
The Honorable Lacey Collier, U.S. District Court Judge
Paige Collier, Executive Director, West Florida AHEC
Mollie Hill, Director of Community Clinical Relations, FSU College of Medicine
Jimmy Jones, M.D., Assistant Medical Director, Nemours Children’s Clinic
Alma Littles, M.D., Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education and
Academic Affairs, FSU College of Medicine
Paul McLeod, M.D. (Chair), Senior Associate Dean for Regional Campuses
and Dean of Pensacola Regional Campus, FSU College of Medicine
Michael Oleksyk, M.D., Vice President for Medical Affairs, Baptist Health Care
Cindy Sallas, Director of Medical Staffing Services, Santa Rosa
Medical Center
George Smith, M.D., Medical Director, Escambia County Community Clinic
Terry Stallings, M.D., Senior Vice President for Medical Affairs, West
Florida Hospital
George Stewart, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Biology, University of West Florida
clerkship faculty
Khalid Abusaada, M.D.
Thomas Allen, M.D.
Moudar Alshazley, M.D.
Thabet Alsheikh, M.D.
Eric Amos, M.D.
Warren Amos, M.D.
Robert Anderson, M.D.
Robert Andrews, M.D.
Emilio Antonetti, M.D.
Wade Baggs, M.D. (PIMS alumnus)
Elaine Bailey, Ph.D.
Garry Banks, M.D.
Elias Banuelos, M.D.
Joyce Barbee, RN
Alberto Barbon, M.D.
James Barnes, M.D.
Paul Baroco, M.D.
Roman Bautista, D.O.
David Bear, D.O.
Michelle Beasley, M.D.
William Belk, M.D.
R. Scott Benson, M.D.
Paul Berger, M.D.
Marty Bertelli, M.D.
James Binkard, D.O.
Mark Boatright, M.D.
Myrna Bobet, M.D.
John Boden, M.D.
William Bone, M.D.
Christopher Bosarge, M.D.
Maurice Bouchard, M.D.
Timothy Boyett, M.D.
Michelle Brandhorst, M.D.
Betty Brannon, ARNP
John Bray, M.D.
Elmer Brestan, M.D.
Thomas Brown, M.D.
Burnell Brunious, M.D.
Jeff Buchalter, M.D.
Don Buckley, M.D.
Janice Buckley, M.D.
James Burns, M.D.
Dominick Buro, D.O.
Christopher Burton, M.D.
Suzanne Bush, M.D.
Peter Butler, M.D. (PIMS alumnus)
Wayne Campbell, M.D.
Leo Carney, D.O.
Paul Castro, M.D.
Alicia Chen, M.D.
Jeffery Chicola, M.D.
Crawford Cleveland, M.D.
Kenneth Counselman, M.D.
Michael Coyle, D.O.
Harry Cramer, Jr., M.D.
Jacobo Cruz, M.D.
Michael Daum, M.D.
Joshua Davis, M.D. (PIMS alumnus)
Philip Dean, M.D.
Julie Zemaitis DeCesare, M.D.
Steven DeCesare, M.D.
Joseph DeFeo, M.D.
Fulton DeFour, M.D.
Donald Dewey, M.D.
Patrick Dial, M.D.
Vincence Dillon, M.D.
Ranjith Dissanayake, M.D.
George Dmytrenko, M.D.
William Dobak, D.O.
Henry Doenlen, M.D.
Henry Dohn, M.D.
Steven Donchey, M.D.
William Doty, M.D.
Michael Dupuis, M.D.
Issa Ephtimios, M.D.
Felix Ermolenko, M.D.
John Fabian, M.D.
John Fannin, M.D.
Charles Farmer, M.D.
Janet Fillmore, ARNP
Jason Foland, M.D.
Michael Foley, M.D.
Jonathan Fountain, M.D.
Diego Freitas, M.D.
Paul Freitas, M.D.
Edward Friedland, M.D.
John Gage, M.D.
Edward Galbavy, M.D.
David Gaston, M.D.
Lawrence Gilgun, Ph.D.
Eric Goldberg, D.O.
Luis Gomez, M.D.
Tara Gonzales, M.D.
Edgar Gonzalez, M.D.
Elise Gordon, M.D.
Jung Gorton, M.D.
Narendra Gowda, M.D.
Sally Grace, ARNP
John Grammer, M.D.
Frank Greskovich, M.D.
Michelle Grier-Hall, M.D.
Darrell Griffin, M.D.
Andrea Hackel, M.D.
Joshua Hackel, M.D.
Krystal Hall, ARNP
Curtis Tony Hampton, M.D.
Manning Hanline, M.D.
Robert Harbour, M.D.
Stuart Harlin, M.D.
Brad Hawkins, M.D.
Joseph Heflin, M.D.
Quetheline Helvetius-Lanza, M.D.
Ruth Henchey, M.D.
Paul Henning, M.D.
David Hensley, M.D.
Daniel Hickman, M.D.
Thein-An Hoang, M.D.
Scott Hof, M.D.
Janice Hoff, ARNP
Julia Hoffman, M.D.
Hillary Hultstrand, M.D. (PIMS alumna)
Humam Humeda, M.D.
Stephen Hunley, M.D.
Jordan Iserman, M.D.
Ghosn Issa, M.D.
Safwan Jaalouk, M.D.
Steven Jabaley, M.D.
Donna Jacobi Pruett, M.D.
Peter Jennings, M.D.
Sherri Jennings, P.A.
Raul Jimenez, M.D.
Barbara Johnson, ARNP
John Johnson, M.D.
Derek Jones, M.D.
Jimmy Jones, M.D.
Kevin Jones, M.D.
Mark Josephson, M.D.
Pamela Juba, M.D.
Wayne Justice, M.D.
Zaher Kalaji, M.D.
Michael Kasabian, D.O.
Max Kattner, M.D.
Suzanne Kelley, R.Ph.
Roman Kesler, D.O.
Stephen Kimura, M.D.
Lawrence King, M.D.
Matthew Kinzelman, M.D.
Jolita Klementaviciene, M.D.
Nathan Knutson, M.D.
Jack Kotlarz, M.D.
Pardeep Kumari, M.D.
Mark Kummer, M.D.
Kit Kuss, M.D.
Thomas Lampone, M.D.
Kim Landry, M.D. (PIMS alumnus)
John Lanza, M.D.
Paul LaRose, M.D.
James Larson, Ph.D.
Ludovic Lasquety, M.D.
“PIMS” stands for Florida State’s Program in Medical Sciences, which preceded the College of Medicine.
Quintin Law, M.D.
Bach-Uyen Le Thi, M.D. (PIMS alumna)
David LeMay, M.D.
Steven Lenga, M.D.
Jerry Leventhal, M.D.
Jocelyn Leveque, M.D.
Edgardo Li-Espino, M.D.
Kenneth Long, M.D.
Cameron Lueck, M.D. (PIMS alumnus)
Jack Lurton, M.D.
Teresa Mahaffey, M.D.
Evan Malone, M.D.
Ziad Mamish, M.D.
Miguel Mancao, M.D.
Peter Manis, M.D.
David Mann, M.D.
Donald Mason, M.D.
Dennis Mayeaux, M.D.
Amanda McBane, M.D.
Anthony McDavid, M.D.
Scott McMartin, M.D.
Charles Shane Medlock, M.D.
Diana Melazzo, D.O.
Cathia Mendez, M.D.
David Miles, M.D.
Jennifer Miley, M.D.
Margaret Miller, M.D.
Angela Mintz, M.D.
Lawrence Mobley, M.D.
Clay Molstad, M.D.
Jose Montes, M.D.
Paula Montgomery, M.D.
Debra Morgan, ARNP
Nancy Morris, M.D.
Timothy Mott, M.D.
Jennifer Murray, M.D.
Maged Nashed, M.D.
Dina Navarro, D.O.
Luis Navas, M.D.
Charles Neal, D.O.
Donald Netherland, M.D.
Thomas Noethlich, M.D.
Rex Northup, M.D.
Jack Obeid, M.D.
Michael Oleksyk, M.D.
Odette Oliveras, M.D.
Wendy Osban, D.O.
Cary Ostergaard, M.D.
Roger Ostrander, M.D.
Rami Owera, M.D.
Gary Pablo, M.D.
Michelle Page, M.D. (PIMS alumna)
Brett Parra, M.D.
Shailesh Patel, M.D.
Rahul Patil, M.D.
Sangeeta Patil, M.D.
Nathan Patterson, M.D.
Robert Patterson, M.D.
Jorge Pelaez, M.D.
Jesse Penico, M.D.
James Pennington, M.D.
Karen Pennington, M.D.
John Perciballi, M.D.
Joseph Peter, M.D.
Mario Pineda, M.D.
Logan Porter, M.D.
Jeanne Post, MSW
Ronald Powell, M.D.
Jill Prafke, M.D.
Terry Ptacek, M.D.
Randall Reese, M.D.
James Renfroe, M.D.
Aref Rifai, M.D.
Thomas Riney, Jr., M.D.
Barry Ripps, M.D.
Martin Roberts, M.D.
Shay Rosecrans, M.D.
Carla Rose-Tillery, M.D.
Charles Roth, M.D.
Robert Rubey, M.D.
Christopher Rush, M.D.
Stephanie Salas, M.D.
Fadel Salib, M.D.
John Salvaggio, M.D.
Steven Samii, M.D.
Alec Schmidt, M.D.
Mark Scott, M.D.
Steven Seeker, M.D.
Davinder Sekhon, M.D.
Rene Slevinski, ARNP
Stephen Slobodian, M.D.
Bryan Smith, M.D.
C. David Smith, M.D. (PIMS alumnus)
George Smith, M.D.
Andy Somesan, M.D.
Brian Sontag, D.O.
Lisandra Soto Carballo, M.D.
Mounzer Soued, M.D.
Carl Speer, M.D.
Todd Stalnaker, D.O.
Katherine Stanley, ARNP
Robert Stanton, M.D.
Mark Stavros, M.D.
Kirth Steele, D.O.
Marian Stewart, M.D. (PIMS alumna)
Kurt Stockamp, M.D.
Richard Jason Strahan, M.D.
Mark Strauss, M.D.
Ronald Stuart, M.D.
Arthur Sumrall, M.D.
Kevin Swartz, M.D.
Paul Tamburro, M.D.
Jason Tanner, M.D.
Ramon Thigpen, M.D.
Freddie Thornson, ARNP
James Thorp, M.D.
Troy Tippett, M.D.
John Tucker, M.D.
Kirby Turnage, M.D.
John Tyson, M.D.
John VanOstenbridge, M.D.
Brent Videau, M.D.
Barbara Wade, M.D.
Richard Weaver, M.D.
Kevin Welch, M.D.
Kelli Wells, M.D.
Anita Westafer, M.D.
Thomas Westbrook, M.D.
Andy White, M.D.
Erica Whittingham, M.D.
Ronnie Wiles, M.D.
Diane Wilkinson, M.D.
Robert Wilson, M.D.
Corey Wolff, M.D.
Charles Wolff, III, M.D.
Sean Wolfort, M.D.
David Young, M.D.
Yasin Zada, M.D.
Thomas Zavoral, M.D.
Dale Zorn, M.D.
“PIMS” stands for Florida State’s Program in Medical Sciences, which preceded the College of Medicine.
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