“Quote” Project

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“Quote” Project
“Quote” Project
If you think a weakness can be turned into a
strength, I hate to tell you this, but that's
another weakness (Jack Handy).
Ok, so I already know that your first
question is going to be…why do we have to do
this? To make this project very apropos (look it
up) I am going to quote: “I do not speak the
minds of others except to speak my own
better” (Montaigne).
Everyone uses quotes. They help us in
many ways, and what better way to stay
encouraged and motivated in my class than to
be able to look around the room and see all
sorts of quotes from your fellow students?
O Better to remain silent and thought a
fool than to speak out and remove all
doubt. ~Abraham Lincoln~
O Nothing can come of nothing. ~William
Shakespeare, King Lear (King Lear I.i)~
O It is important that man dreams, but it is
perhaps equally important that he can
laugh at his own dreams. ~Lin Yutang~
The rules:
1. I must approve your quote before you begin
the writing or the artistic portions.
2. You must know where your quote came
from. Be very careful about this one! I am
warning you all…research, research, research.
I will be checking the origin of each quote and
I hope it will be properly credited.
3. The written component must be
at least one page in length. It must
have complete sentences, proper
grammar, your best spelling, and it
must be legible. You must include
the origin of the quote, why you
chose that particular quote, how it
applies to my class (your life, other
students’ lives, etc.,)
4. The artistic portion must be on a
piece of manila paper that I will provide,
and must be neatly printed including the
author’s name. It may be decorated as
time permits, and I love decoration.
O Quote approved
10 pts.
O Grammar/ Mechanics -(includes
embedding/citing quote)
O Organization- intro with quote,
explanation of quote, one
example of how the quote
relates to your life
O Elaboration – elaborate on how your
example relates to quote (no list)
60 pts.
15 pts.
15 pts.
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