Reduction in Force Process December 2012

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Reduction in Force Process December 2012
Reduction in Force Process
December 2012
Evaluation of Needs
December 3, 2012 – December 31, 2012
• Positions critical to our new mission
• Positions with duplication of efforts
• Employee qualifications
• Employee performance
Required Documentation
January 2, 2013 – February 28, 2013
Purpose of the Reduction in Force (RIF)
Description of the functions or services supplied by the unit
How functions or services will be combined, altered or eliminated
Rationale for the combination, alteration or elimination of positions
Identification of those jobs or positions that will be affected
Utilization of the criteria above to identify those employees who are
• Explanation of how and why each person was selected for dismissal
Process for Termination
March 1, 2013 – April 1, 2013
Vice President or Division Head, in consultation with the
Provost, presents the RIF report to the President for approval
Process for Termination (continued)
April 2, 2013 – August 31, 2012
Employees are notified in writing at a face-to-face meeting,
on April 2, 2013, that their last day of employment will be
August 31, 2013
Employees who accept a position elsewhere prior to
termination on April 2, 2013 will not be eligible for severance
Terminated employees hired by TSC after April 2, 2013 but
before August 31, 2013, will receive the severance
Staff Severance Program
December 2012
Key Dates Staff Severance
April 2, 2013
Employees are notified of their
termination effective August 31, 2013
August 31, 2013
Last date of employment and insurance
September 3, 2013
Final paycheck issued with severance
October 1, 2013
Vacation settlement payment made, if
Staff Severance Program
• Severance program is for involuntary separation
• Amount will be based on years of service
• Offer will be made only to employees with one or more years of
• Employees must complete their service to UTB in good standing
• Employees must continue working through August 31, 2013
Staff Severance Program
• Terminated employees hired by TSC after April 2, 2013 but
before August 31, 2013 will be eligible for severance
• Employees will be eligible for unemployment benefits for a
maximum period of 26 weeks
• Staff member will provide UTB/TSC with a release of all claims
Severance Amount
Years of Service
1 – 9 years
10 – 19 years
20 – 29 years
30 years and up
Post Termination
• Employees will be given priority for vacant positions for which
they are qualified for up to six months after dismissal
• Employees will receive outplacement services including
coaching, training and job search strategies
Contact Information
Trini Yunes – Director of Human Resources, Ext. 7067 or
[email protected]
Liza Benson – Employee Development Center Coordinator,
Ext. 7172 or [email protected]
Employee Development Center Website – link found at
bottom of UTB Homepage, www.utb.edu
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