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3180 North Buckingham Court
Brownsville, Texas 78526
E-mail: [email protected]
Nursing Administration, Corpus Christi State
University, Corpus Christi, Texas, 1988.
Nursing, Pan American University, Edinburg, Texas,
Nursing, Dickinson State College, Dickinson, North
Dakota, 1970.
Nursing, State School of Science, Whapeton, North
Dakota, 1965.
Senior Lecture, University of Texas at Brownsville, August 26, 2013
Director of Associate Degree Nursing Program, The University of Texas at
Brownsville and Texas Southmost College. Appointed by the Board of Nurse
Examiners for the State of Texas, September 1, 2003
Associate Professor, Tenured by the University of Texas at Brownsville,
Brownsville, Texas, July 1994 to Present.
Assistant Professor, the University of Texas at Brownsville,
Brownsville, Texas, August 1992 to July 1994.
Nursing Instructor, Texas Southmost College, Brownsville,
Texas, September 1989 to August 1992.
Adjunct Faculty Member, Texas Southmost College, Brownsville,
Texas, September 1988 to August 1989.
Adjunct Faculty Member, Corpus Christi State University,
Corpus Christi, Texas, January 1989 to August 1989.
Faculty Member, Medical College of Pennsylvania,
Philadelphia, PA. Instructor for the RN/MCP NCLEX Advantage
Courses. 1990 to 2010. Teach both the PREP for Board and the
Pharmacology for the Board Courses.
J. R. Lacher
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Research Assistant Position on Catholic Healthcare, Catholic Health
Association of Texas. May 2006.
Director of Student Education, Valley Regional Medical Center,
August 1988 to August 1989
Director of Human Resources/Security, Valley Regional Medical Center,
Brownsville, Texas, April 1984 to August 1988.
DRG Coordinator, Valley Regional Medical Center, Brownsville, Texas, April
1984 to October 1984.
Administrative Assistant, Valley Regional Medical Center, Brownsville, Texas,
August 1979 to April 1984
Director of Nurses, Valley Community Hospital, Brownsville, Texas, April 1975
to August 1979.
OWNER AND ADMINISTRATOR, Tropical Home Health, Inc., Brownsville, Texas,
August 1996 to March 2009.
Clinical Coordinator, South Texas Nursing Care, Inc. Brownville, Texas, June
1994 to August 1996.
Quality Assurance Nurse, Valley Regional Medical Home Health Agency.
Brownsville, Texas,
May 1993 to April 1995.
Administrative Supervisor Valley Baptist Medical Center, Harlingen, Texas.
1984 to 1988.
House Supervisor, Brownsville Medical Center, Brownsville, Texas. 1972 to
Hooper Holmes, Inc. Harlingen, Texas, Porta-Medic Nurse performing insurance
exams. 1984 to 1988.
Relief Director of Nurses, Grande Nursing Home, Brownville, Texas, Weekends.
1984 to 1987.
E.R. Staff Nurse, Northwestern Hospital, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
1970 to 1972.
L.P.N., St. Joseph’s Hospital, Dickinson, North Dakota.
1967 to 1970.
L.P.N., St. Francis Hospital, Breckinridge, Minnesota. 1965 to 1967.
J. R. Lacher
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American Nurses’ Association, American Nurses Credentialing
Center-Certification in Nursing Administration, Certification Number 11390610, December 1988 to Present.
American Heart Association CPR Instructor, 1986 to May 2009.
American Red Cross CPR Instructor, 1988 to May 2009.
Valley Regional Medical Center, Certification in Chemotherapy Administration.
March 1993.
Licensed to practice professional nursing, Texas License,
License Number 429314, Renewal Date May 31, 2010.
Nominated for the 2007 President’s Outstanding Teaching Excellence Award, The
University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College.
Exceptional Merit Recipient The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas
Southmost College, 2004, 2007.
Received the
NISOD Excellence Award for 2003.
Nominee for the 2003 Chancellor’s Council Outstanding Teaching Award.
University of Texas at Brownsville, Provost “Apple Award” 2001.
The University of Texas at Brownsville 2001
Exceptional Merit Recipient.
Post-Tenure Review and
Service Award from Texas Nurses Association for Continuing Education
Committee South Region representative. 1996-1998.
Texas Southmost College, the Teaching Excellence Award for Outstanding
Achievement and Exemplary Performance as a Faculty Member. 1991.
The University of Texas Austin, NISOD Teaching Excellence Award.
Nominee in the Search for Excellence Award, National Nurses Week 1991.
Nurses Association. April 1991
Who’s who in American Nursing. 1986, 1988, 1989, 1998.
The National Distinguished Service Registry in Nursing Incorporating the
National Registry of Certified Nurses in Advanced Practice. 2000.
Who’s who in ASPA.
1985 TO 1992.
Pan American University, Outstanding Student Award, Division of health
Related Professions. 1984
Meritorious Service Award in recognition for Outstanding Service rendered the
city of Brownsville. October 1978 to September 1979.
Dosage Calculation for Nursing. (RNSG 1108) , 1 hour, Fall, 2001 to 2002.
Health Assessment. (RNSG. 1215) 2 hours, Fall, 2000 to Present.
Mental Health Nursing. (RNSG 2213), 2 hours. Summer 1 and Summer 2 2000 to
Clinical: Nursing RN: Mental Health Nursing. 1 hour. Summer 1 and 2 2000 to
Health Assessment Course, 3405, B.S.N. Completion Course,
Fall/Summer, 1996, 1997, Spring, 1998, Spring 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003.
Clinical: Nursing RN: Care of the Clients with Common Health Care Needs.
(RNSG 2260), 2 hours, Spring 2000, spring 2001.
Care of Client with Complex Health Care Needs. (RNSG 2414) 4 hours, spring
2000 to Present.
Clinical: Nursing RN: Care of the Client with Complex Health Care Needs (RNSG
2360) 3 hours. Spring 2000 to Present
Management of Client Care (RNSG 2161) 1 hour. Spring 2000 to Present
Lacher, Joe Richard, Review of Essentials of Pharmacology Text,
Addison-Wesley, August 14, 1995.
Lacher, Joe Richard, Review of Pharmacology and Nursing Management, by
Roberta Spencer, Fourth Edition. J. B. Lippincott,
October, 1993.
Lacher, Joe Richard, Review of Clinical Pharmacology and Nursing,
By Charold Baer, Second Edition, Springhouse, October, 1993.
Lacher, Joe Richard, Review of Nursing Principles of Pain Management,
By Linda Schickedanz, Nurse Oncology Education Program, 2001.
Health Promotion; wellness education; cultural diversity in
Health and illness; community health issues; home health issues.
Member of Senate, UTB. 1997 to Present.
Chair of Admissions, Progression & Graduation Committee. 2000 to 2003
Member of Lower Rio Grande Valley Scholarship Committee.
Faculty Liaison-Advocate to TPAPN
Member UTB Student Orientation Committee
Chair UTB, School of Health Sciences Department of Nursing Personnel
Member UTB, Food Service Contractors Committee, 1998 to 2003.
Member UTB, Student Union Committee, 1999
Member UTB/TSC Advisory for Masters of Science in Nursing
March 9, 1999 to Present.
(* Those that require election or examination for membership)
Director at Large for Bylaws and Resolutions, TOADN.
Spring 2008 to Present.
*Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity, Kappa Rho Chapter, Brownsville, Texas. 1987-Life
time member.
*Sigma Theta Tau Member, Eta Omicorn Chapter American Nurses Association.
1988 to Present.
Charter Member of the Home Healthcare Nurses Association. 1994 to Present.
American Nurses Association. 1975 to Present.
Texas Nurses Association. 1975 to Present.
Texas Nurses Association, District 14. 1975 to Present.
*Elected Vice-President 1991-1992
*Elected President 1993-1994, 1994 thru 1997, 2002, 2003 to current.
*Member TNA Institute of Nursing Practice, 1991-1995.
American Assembly for Men in Nursing. 1988 to Present.
National League of Nursing. 1989 to 1996.
American Red Cross, Brownsville Chapter, Director of Nurses, 1991 to 1993.
Member of the American Red Cross Nurse Corp since 1970.
*Board of Directors of Texas Society of Hospital Nursing Service
Administrators. 1977-1980.
*Board of Directors of the Health Planning Advisory committee of the Lower
Rio Grande Valley Development Council. 1976-1983.
*President of the Council of Nursing Service Directors of the Lower Rio
Grande Health Care Institutions. 1979. Member of this group from 1975 to
*Board of Directors Brownsville Citizen’s Advisory Committee.
*President of the Advisory Board of the Associate Degree Nursing Program,
Texas Southmost College, Brownsville, Texas. 1976-1977.
Member of the Advisory Board Vocational Nursing Program, Texas Southmost
College, Brownsville, Texas. 1975-1989.
The University of Texas, Pan American Honor Society of Nursing,
November 8, 1996.
Comprehensive Care Plan, Authored and presented this activity for La Hacienda
Healthcare, Harlingen, Texas. August 12, 2011.
Lateral Abuse and Workplace Violence, Authored and presented this activity
for the Philippine Nurses Association of Texas Cameron County. October 2,
Hepatitis A, B, and HIV Seminar, Authored and presented this activity for a
State Convention of Medical Technologist at Holiday Inn, South Padre Island,
February 4, 2005.
Adult Physical Assessment, Authored and presented this activity for 20
contact hours held at UTB/TSC on April 25-26 and May 9-10, 2003.
Hepatitis A, B, & HIV Seminar, Authored and presented this seminar for 2.0
contact hours on May 17, 2003.
A Walk With Alzheimer’s Conference, Authored and presented this activity for
1.0 Contact Hour at the Conference held at UTB/TSC on August 23, 2003.
Hepatitis C Seminar, Authored and presented this activity for 2.8 contact
hours, University of Texas At Brownsville, June 8,11, 19,21,24,July
10,26,30,August 14,17,24,September 21, October 12,2002, August 22, 2003.
Hepatitis C Seminar, Authored and presented this activity for 2.8 contact
hours for the Licensed Vocational Nurses Association of Texas, Brownville,
Texas, October 17, 2002.
Vision Project Regional Seminar, Speaker, National League for Nursing,
University of Texas Brownsville, May 28, 1996.
Medication up-date, Speaker, Texas Nurses Association, District 14,
Harlingen, Texas September 1993.
Charge Nurse Course, Thirty-Two hour sessions which was offered at Valley
Regional Medical Center, Brownsville, Texas, November 16,23,30 and December
7, 1990. This course was repeated at Valley Regional Medical Center in March
The Nurse of the Future, Pan American University, Edinburg, Texas. 1984.
Admission, Progression and Graduation Committee- 1989-2003
Member of the SHS Portfolio/Personnel Action Taskforce, September 2002 to
School of Health Science Personnel Committee, 2002 to Present
Department of Nursing Strategic Planning Committee 2008 to Present
Program Evaluation Committee-Member
Continuing Education Committee-Member
Curriculum Revision committee-Member
Class Sponsor-First Year Students 1989 to 1999.2001, 2005
Class Sponsor-Second Year Students 2000 to 2003
Advisor Board, University of Texas Health Science Center, Department of
Community and Educational Outreach-Member
Member Dean’s Search Committee, 1992
Chair, Faculty Search committee, 1997
TPAPN, Texas Nurses Association, Faculty Liaison 11-10-97 to Present.
Chair, Search Committee Chair for Nursing Department and Chair of Search for
A.D.N. Director 2000-2001
Search Committee for Chair Department of Nursing 2005-2006
Member, UTB Center for Civic Engagement, Advisory Board, October 2013
Member, Academic Strategic Planning Committee, 2009-2010.
Member, Cost Containment Committee Task Force, 2009-2010.
Member, Infectious Disease Emergency Preparedness Plan, 2008-2009
Member, Task Force on First Year Programs. 1-5-2009
Member, Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, 9-1-2005 to 8-31-2006
School of Health Sciences Curriculum Committee, 9-1-2005 to August 31, 2010
Member, University Experience Committee, 1992-1995.
Member, Endownment Compliance Committee, 2007-2008.
Member, EEO/AA Advisory Committee 1996-1997
Member, Grievance Panel July 2004 to July 2006, Nov. 2007 to Nov., 2009
Member, Infectious Disease Advisory Committee, September 9, 2008
Scorpion Leadership Ring Committee, 2004
Chair, UTB, School of Health Science Personnel Committee, 2001 to Present
Member, UTB Senate 1997 to January 2010. Re-elected September 2011.
Member, UTB Welfare Committee, UTB Senate 1998 to 2005.
Member, UTB Food Service Contract Committee, 1998 to 2005.
Member, UTB/TSC Advisory Board for Master of Science in Nursing
March 9, 1999, 2000 to 2004.
Member, Student Union Committee, 1999.
N-Stat, Nurses Strategic Action Team. May 8, 1995 to Present.
Member-Lower Rio Grande Valley Nursing Scholarship Co.
Board of Directors of Lower Rio Grande Scholarship Committee, 2000 to
Present. Also serve on the Executive Board of this Committee.
Member-TNA Continuing Nursing Education Review and Approval Program. Aug. 9,
1995 to Present
Member-Remnant Committee, Lower Rio Grande Valley Jan. 1998 to Present
Member-Home Health Care Alliance, Lower Rio Grande Valley, 1997 to Present
Consultant to Valley Regional Medical Auxiliary Scholarship Fund.
1998 to Present
Member of Valley Regional Medical Center Auxiliary. 1995 to Present.
Consultant, Rollins, Burdick, Hunter, Direct Response Insurance Services,
Bethlehem Pike, Springhouse, Pa. 1987 to Present
Consultant, Sanchez, Whittington, & Janis and John Haywood Law Offices,
Brownsville, Texas, 1991 to Present
Consultant, J & N Enterprises, Home Health services, 1995 to Present
J.R. Lacher
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Nominated for the 2003 Chancellor’s Council Outstanding Teaching Award.
Received the NISOD Excellence Award for 2003.
Recommended for the “Piper Professor of 2002” UTB/TSC.
Nominee for Board of Directors for Texas Nurses Association for the South
Region, January 2003.
Member of Formative Committee for Sonia Cunningham’s course in Home Health
care for her Doctoral Studies at Nova Southeastern University. March 1997
Preceptor for U.T.S.A., Graduate Students in Clinical Teaching. 1991-1995.
Teach, the Medical College of Pennsylvania, NCLEX Advantage Course (Three
eight hour day course Prep for the Boards and One eight hour day course
Pharmacology for the Boards), June 1991 to Present.
Preceptor for UTB/TSC BSN Students in Clinical Teaching, 1996 to Present.
Moderator at the University of Texas System Texas-Mexico Border Health
coordination “Healthy Aging in the Next Millennium Conference, October 20-221999.
Delegate to the American Nurses Association from the State of Texas for 200204.
Received Exceptional Merit, University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas
Southmost college, 2004.
Received a Grant of $37,100 from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating
Board, Bus 11: Nursing Student Development and Enrichment Project.
Initiated a second cohort of LVN/RN students twice a year, Spring 2005.
Increased enrollment to 80 generic students fall of 2007.
Increased enrollment to 90 generic students fall of 2009.
Increased enrollment to 45 students in the LVN/RN spring 2010.
Admitted 24 LVN/RN students in the Summer of 2011
Decreased enrollment to 40 generic students fall of 2012.
Decreased enrollment to 20 students in the LVN/RN fall 2012
Admitted Special LVN/RN class Summer 1 and 2 of 2011 – Saved University
Belong to the Board of the Lower Rio Grande Valley Scholarship committee. I
was very instrumental in having the board give the $450,000.00 to the College
of Nursing. The Board was actually considering dividing the money among many
other community endeavors.
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August 2013
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