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Psychology Research 05 (2011) 1838—658X
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The View of Reason and Effect on the "Lady Education"
Wenquan Yu 1, , Xueyuan Du 2
1. Normal University of West China Education Development Center in Nanchong, Sichuan 637009
2. Normal College in Leshan, Sichuan 614000
Lady Education,
The "lady education" has swept all over the world in recent years and aroused extensive
attention. It also has prompted a series of education discussions associated with social issues.
The paper analyzes the main causes of "lady education" with employment pressure, the
social expectations of male, commercial operations, the plight of education and the social
diversity impact. At the same time, it explains some effects on the education and society
caused by the "lady education" from both positive and negative aspects.
As an old saying goes, “My Fair Lady, Marty.” Recently, learning good manners, practicing physical training and learning cooking as
the main content of the so-called modern “lady education” have been in ascendant. At first, only for “high-end women”, was
generally set up for the so-called “lady education” privately, but was available in 2008, the so-called “lady education” intensified, not
only for remedial classes in amateur private educational institutions, but also similar courses in the formal universities and even high
school national education system. In 2009, WuHan Institute of Technology set up the first class of “lady education” publicly; there
were 50 girls in tall and quite good image quality, after recommending themselves, and being assessed repeatedly. They became the
first batch of students in the “lady of education class”. After that, various forms of “ladies class” appeared endlessly. In August in
2010 in Beijing, “Moral Women's Museum,” opened officially, its courses pushed the cusp of lady education once again. The moral
education in Women's Museum designed to teach girls to enhance the charm of techniques, such as how to make up, communicate
with men, which made the network hot. This phenomenon has aroused widespread concern, and why was there such a phenomenon
even what were reasons for this phenomenon? What any kind of social problems will this change lead to? This paper will provide
some analysis and discussion for the latest fashion of the so-called “lady education”.
1 Current Causes of “Lady Education”
1.1 A boost employment pressure waved lady of education
Corresponding author.
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DOI: 10. 5503/J. PR. 2011.05.013
Since 1999, China began a large-scale enrollment of colleges and universities, as in 2010, the National University had 6.3 million
university graduates. University graduates faced a serious challenge, and female students encountered by candidates in the
discrimination more often. Although the initial founding of New China, until the reform and opening up, the concept of “Women
hold half the sky” was under the guidance of China's female employment equity had been well protected; but with the reform and
opening up, employment discrimination against with women behavior, especially for acts of discrimination in employment of female
graduates had become increasingly emerged clearly. In addition to the labor market supply, demand factors and the economic
situation factors, there is a continuation of the patriarchal feudal society and the traditional patriarchal ideology. These reasons for the
employment of women had a great impact, increasing employment pressure on their ability boosted women's perception, and hoped
that through a variety of ways to increase their employ ability and competitiveness, “lady education” has largely on the response to
such needs. Not only female students for leaving their jobs to become more “lady”, primary and secondary school students and the
community have also joined the "lady education" ranks in order to be able to increase the employment point of weight in the near
1.2 The male’s social expectations
To date, there has been a prevalent expected standard of female given by male in society: not only beautiful appearance, elegance, the
excellent work ability and personal qualities, social responsibility, but also performance of good wife, mother of the traditional
female role. “Out of the living room, under the kitchen”, both “foreign security” and “Lord.” Some argued: No gold, no one is perfect,
so what the woman, "lady"? Give women such a high "social expectations" and what does it cause?
With the continuous development of the society, the patriarchal era has gone, women's rights have been an unprecedented increase,
however, patriarchal society collapsed in China due to the sudden impact of alien civilization, not collapsed under the mature
condition of its social conditions. The revolution which could be said to be an almsgiving to women by men was forced to proceed in
order to adapt to the social development, not for women’s own political consciousness. Therefore, the disintegration of the patriarchal
society is not complete and the legacy of feudalism still very serious. Whether it is deeply rooted in real life or people's view, China
is still a semi-patriarchal society, women's primary value has not completely changed, and that is why a woman's main value is still a
man's expectations. Increasingly open society provides women's development for more chances, while a male perspective the starting
point of the ladies training as a way to help women to be comprehensive, full, healthy, which may give the individual believer “have
done better to marry well” to increase the competitiveness point of marriage. Some ladies training make no secret of the educational
intent to please men. A foreign language school in Suzhou announced, offering art classes aimed at women to train as president wife,
Madame Minister of Singapore, a school for girls as talent training and elegant lady. Recently, Moral Women's Museum respects “do
you want to marry a Rich Man?” as the slogan for recruitment training. Here, women are positioned as a tempting object of desire; its
value can only to appear passively by the opposite sex.
1.3 The commercial value of the "lady education"
The commercial value refers to economic value in production, consumption and the transaction. The premise that businesses get
access to the commercial value is a good business opportunity, which can be understood as an ability to bring value to customers and
to meet the market demand and to give support to a company's survival and development of business opportunities with the provision
of such services or products. General trend of ladies training are tend to be high-end market, many career women come for the
lectures are high-level and its curriculum, have a healthy self-cultivation, temperament, manners, fashion taste, management culture,
communication channel, and even aspects of marriage and the family. A lot of training fighting under the banner is quite attractive,
such as the Women's Hall of Moral Education, “Marry a Rich Man”; Peking University “Oriental Elegant Women Seminar”, these
ladies want to receive successful training for employment, workplace, interpersonal communication, love and marriage, and
educators includes: government elite, community scholars, cultural figures, Great Masters, as well as other well-known stylists. For
example, cultural celebrities Yang Lan, Yu Dan, let them teach, how can be the cheaper tuition? Also brew for the possession of
unlimited business opportunities. Another example, Peking University "Oriental elegant women Seminar", 280 hours a year cost up
to 5.8 million, called the sky-high price, but applicants still rush; Moral Women's Museum has reached more than 3,000 registered
participants, a set of courses probably cost two or three million tuition fee, we can calculate its total recorded in the eight to nine-digit
number between. As a business, you can say that they seize the opportunity and make a nice success, but behind the success of this
business, there is a reflection of society filled with disturbing materialized soul.
1.4 The plight of basic education in our country
Attaching great importance to training the next generation, and making efforts to improve the ideological and moral qualities are the
Chinese nation's fine tradition of the party and the country's consistent policy. Since reform and opening, ideological and moral
construction have made historic progress; however, China’s moral defects can not be ignored, the disjunction of knowledge and
action is always difficult to get out of the errors of moral education, which lead the moral education of many places to be a pot of
water that could never boiled. Lady Education is promoted in the primary and secondary education sector, "ladies and gentlemen of
education" is praised, while "good student" is left out, a reflection of our current predicament of basic education. Facing only son and
noble students, to teach kids to have good behavior and moralities are the proper meaning of school education. However, the setup of
the course is conservative, rigid, etiquette is not optional interdisciplinary education, but oppositely becomes the essence of quality
education. In this regard, if the school did not try, even if implement lady education, it also could be a pattern formalism or articles.
1.5 Society diversity promote lady education development
Pluralism is a direct consequence of subjective value, when we say, modern society is characterized by pluralism, that is what is ideal
for people's views of life have different views for the coherence of these autocorrelation values and outlook on life, we do not have
an objective criterion can be assessed between them completely, because they are the result of people's own choice. No matter ladies
school, or women's colleges, in fact, are pluralism that is embodied in women's education. Ladies traditional social recognition and
acceptance of education is built on tolerance and respect. Whether to be a lady or not? Whether or not to participate in lady training?
All can be said that is personal behavior, the traditional mode of education of women increased the people's choice and it is a symbol
of social development.
2 The Impact on Society and Education of the "Lady Education"
2.1 Positive influence
2.1.1 It is good to promote women's employment
Civility is the traditional Chinese virtue, manifested in grooming, demeanor, etc. Finding a favorite work is every woman's ideal.
However, it is not enough to learn knowledge in the process of job searching; also to have completed their comprehensive assessment
after interviewing the employer. According to the newspaper published, in the job fair of each year, the employee who have dignified
manners, dress appropriately, and deal with things ritually are more prone to be appreciated and favored by employer. In other words,
in the increasing competition of the employment context, the community has higher personal standards of quality and more specific
requirements. So universal and standardized job etiquette is not only the requirements of quality education, female employment is
currently enhancing the ability in modern times. There are direct reflections of the employer saying that “college students are not lack
of education, but are lack of etiquette.” [1] It shows that the growth of talent is a long-term, the improving of “soft skills” is the same,
and candidates should pay attention in all aspects and absorb nutrients from learning and life. Both “hard-ability” and “soft skills” are
needed, ladies classes include courses on the cultivation of this soft power, open etiquette class, make-up lesson from a certain extent
and give the weight to increase employment.
2.1.2 Improve women's human qualities and create a good social atmosphere
With the social and economic development, the interaction among people has become even more closely together, the connection of
people's manners are increasingly showing its importance. As Xun Zi said, “No Miller is nothing to stand, students who are not rude,
rude is not a thing, not the country rather rude.” Ritual is used to adjust; you can straighten out the violations of people, family
harmony and national peace. [2] Education is the building and an important way of socialist spiritual civilization, in the face of the
social moral anomie issues highlighted today, the main reason is due to inefficient school education of moral behaviors in our school
education in long terms. Young learners can be constrained in their behavior by participating “lady class”. “Ladies class” for women
provide a learning platform, through its conduct of physical training, make-up skills training, which not only to expand their
knowledge and their horizons, more importantly, to fill the education in their social interaction and lacked interpersonal etiquette, etc,
and increase their personal charisma and enrich their lives. From the above analysis we can see that “ladies classes” compensate for
the traditional culture of women in contemporary society to some extent, in this era of flashy, a lot of excellent traditional culture was
gradually forgotten by people, non-mainstream culture is filled in the modern women's culture, through the study of “ladies class”
course, modern woman could inherit some of the essence of the traditional Chinese women's culture, enhanced their conservation and
temperament, affected the surrounding people, help creating a good social atmosphere and improve the quality of civilized society as
a whole.
2.1.3 To certain extent, promote China's traditional culture
“My Fair Lady, Marty,” this well-known sentence in the Book of Songs, shows that in China's traditional culture, lady is a very
important cultural content. Especially when the “barbaric and freedom” used by some women as a new label when the lady
temperament and demeanor are more precious. “Since reform and opening, Western culture and thought aggress seriously, in today's
youth, the U.S. films, potato chips are in the prevalence while the status of the traditional culture declines. With the rise of learning
Sinology in recent years, China's best classical culture was re-understanding. In the ladies classes, “National Classic” was identified
as the important learning points of “lady class”, teaching content includes “The Analects” and “Mencius” and other classics. Students
learn “Bible For Girls” to understand the words and deeds a lady should be like; study traditional culture programs, compose poems
and couplets, train lady temperament, learn traditional female skills such as embroidery, flower arranging, sewing and other training
to develop women's temperament. These courses help women not only to understand the contemporary women's traditional skills in
ancient China, but also to increase their knowledge level, learn life skills, and exposure to other cultures of ancient Chinese poetry
and painting, under the influence of traditional culture, deepen their understanding towards China's classical culture, to a certain
extent, promote the excellent traditional culture of our country.
2.2 Negative factors
2.2.1 Encourage some of the unhealthy atmosphere and affect women's view of love
Women's moral museum respect, “do you want to marry a Rich Man?” The recruitment training slogan arouse widespread of doubts.
With the rapid social and economic development, graduate employment pressure, the university quietly become the springboard
leading female to “happy comfort zone”, “high place is very cold”, “white collar female gold husband” and other words are in
prevalence of girls in college, or even many female students view to catch a rich husband as a university priority task during the
period. These students believe that “marry well is better than doing well”, “I would rather be the concubine than to marry a poor
men.”[3] They believe that the ultimate goal of life is to find a strong economic strength of a good man, have house and car, which is
enough to live comfortably without having to work hard. Higher education is also as a chip of “good marriage”, becomes a replica for
ancient lady who was good at poetry and painting so as to pursue a successful marriage. “Lady Education” is once again pushing the
trend to a climax. Although to a certain extent, it offers the possibility on women's development, ladies training are founded under the
perspective of the traditional male, is disadvantage for women's full, healthy, fully development, and even encourage the individual
“marry well is better than work well,” in the view of this, add some competitiveness to people in their marriage. In addition, there are
some “Lady Class” have no intention to hide the education purposes, specially teach girls how to marry a noble man. [4] Here, women
are only to be positioned as the charming desire object, its own value can only be achieved through a negative the opposite sex, the
concept of love and marriage therefore be distorted.
2.2.2 "Ladies class" high tuition fees increased awareness of the wealth gap and its aristocratic
So far, in all kinds of “ladies classes”, in addition to the attached elective course of school intuition are free, the others are charged
and charges are not low. Take Shandong Jinan “modern ladies classes,” for an example, 7-17 year-old full-time lady classes, 1-3
years academic, tuition $ 30,000; workplace ladies classes only need to be attended all day on Saturday, 4800 Yuan a quarter; home
ladies classes on Tuesday and Thursday morning, need 4800 Yuan a quarter at least [5] . The high charge form makes “Lady Class” a
“Noble Class” which is worthy of its name, and thus become the people’s distinctive capital to show off, increased awareness of the
gap between rich and poor. Moreover, lady is originally the old feudal term, if mishandled, will make education go into aristocratic
tendencies. We are to cultivate the useful talents for country and society, but not students who have only beautiful appearance with no
wisdom. Therefore, the “ladies gentleman” slogan we now present should be careful in practice, cannot copy from the Western
“ladies and gentlemen,” As for the teaching methods, it should be based on our present situation and contributing to them, so that it
can better serve our socialist civilization.
2.2.3 Lady's educational development will enhance sex dependency
It is a long history of female dependence on men in China, as early as late Warring States period, representatives of the Legalist Han
Fei proposed “three bonds” doctrine: minister serve emperor, the child serve their parents, wife serve husband, then the world is
prosperous if the three relationships are smooth, the world is in chaos if the three relationships are contradictory, this is a common
rule for the world. [6] With the economic and social development, contemporary values on respecting diverse choices, encouraging
free development is more and more accepted by people, and the women dependence on men becomes loose. The aim of Ladies
education is to help women discover their own strengths, while promoting understanding and respect for women, men, for men and
women equally share the housework, equitable participation in society. Ladies Sex education does not mean gender education, on the
contrary, it is precisely the lack of gender education, which makes the ladies feelings be re-advertised. If the norm and even
laissez-faire lady rose to education system, gender dependence relationships will be strengthened by the bulk of the ladies training,
which will lead to our goal farther from the women's liberation.
2.2.4 Lady's educational development is easy to increase the occupational gender segregation
Occupational sex segregation mainly refers to a high concentration of career, forming the condition of segregation contrasted to the
other gender. What occupational sex segregation concerns is, females are more concentrated in occupations which have low skill
requirements, and salary is much lower than men's, the situation for men is on the contrary. [7] Currently, the organizers in “lady
class” often state that the purpose and target of the cultivation is: In the professional setting, fully considerate the physiologic and
psychological features of female, starting from the perspectives of highlighting female features and give comprehensive education to
female, which appear contradiction in the treatment of female education, we have been pursuing education equality on women, that is,
to break the gender stereotypes of women in society, and to challenge the existing gender division of labor. The practical effect of
training personnel in “Ladies classes” is to strengthen division of labor between the men and women, so that men and women have
further separation in the career choices, finally, enhance the occupational gender segregation, which is not conducive to women
career in the long-term development.
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