Psychology Research CDIO and PSP/TSP/CMM

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Psychology Research CDIO and PSP/TSP/CMM
Psychology Research 11 (2013) 1838—658X
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Psychology Research
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The Researches on Practical Teaching of Software Project on
Xiang ZHANG 1, Chang SU 2, Jun LU 3
1. Institute of Information Engineering, Jinhua Polytechnic, 321017, P.R.China
2. Biomedical Engineering Dundee University, DD14HN, England
3. Jinhua Lide Digital Control Technology Corp., 321017, P.R.China
Engineering education
CDIO is abbreviated of “Conceive”, “Design”, “Implement” and “Operate”. CDIO
engineering educational mode is the newest achievement of the International engineering
educational reform in recent years. CMM stands for Capability Maturity Model. It is
provided for evaluation of software capability. TSP stands for The Team Software Process
and PSP stands for The Personal Software Process. The emphasis is on talking over how to
importing the practicable and Evaluation model of Software Industry for engineering
practical teaching of Software Project in the major background of CDIO engineering
1 Introduction
Higher vocational education mostly comes down from traditional specialty education. Some outstanding problems exist here, such as
setting highly on theory but little on practice, putting too much emphasis on individual skills and ignoring teamwork spirit,
emphasizing knowledge and neglecting the pioneering and innovative spirits. So students were lacking in group or team training, and
lacking of the ability of working in teams.
To complete the high efficiency and the high grade teaching course, efficient members of the team would be required. CDIO
engineering educational mode uses the experience of life cycle of modern industrial product. It is based on the principle of “Learning
from doing”, the education and training of project. [1] PSP is designed for normalizing and optimizing personal process and TSP is for
team process. Those would make one person or team establish the measurable aim by using predefined standard procedure to follow
up the progress of project, which can improve the teaching quality. CMM would be brought in evaluation and classification to
software process. These are helpful to build high-efficient team by stages and optimize the whole teaching process.
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DOI: 10.5503/J.PR.2013.11.010
2 Implementation Details
2.1 CDIO
CDIO engineering educational mode is popular in educational reform, which is the advanced and feasible concept and method. It is
suitable to the entirely proceeding of engineering education. According to industrial standards, the completely engineering
educational concepts and systems are built up by CDIO. [1] CDIO is abbreviated of “Conceive”, “Design”, “Implement” and
“Operate”, which is from the life cycle of Product or system. There is a life cycle of modern industrial product, include of conceive,
design, implement and operate. The project life cycle is the carrier of CDIO engineering education through each of stage of study. It
makes students to study actively, with putting the techniques into practice, enhancing the interconnection to each course.
2.2 CMM
Capability Maturity Model (CMM) is a constituent part of Software Engineering. It describes the different stages of Software Process
development, when it has been defined, implemented, quantified, controlled, improved and so on by software organization.
Compared with other project management, software management engineering has its particularity. Firstly, software belongs to
intellectual products. It’s difficult to control the schedule and quality. It’s difficult to ensure productivity too. Secondly, the degree of
complication of a software system will be out of the ordinary. It’s profoundly manifested in the period of teaching. Firstly, CMM may
be to evaluate scientifically the stage of capability maturity. Secondly, CMM may be to give assistance to the developer in the part of
self-checking in order to know its strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, Software Development Process would be perfect and
2.3 PSP
Personal Software Process (PSP) has been developed by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and fetched at 1995. It’s
acknowledged as the market in the software engineering which is head for Quantitative Control. [2] It can improve the personal
software process by the way of control and management and improve the personal working. It’s a structural framework, including the
developing tables, guides and rules. PSP gives the details to optimize the software process which is based on personal or small teams,
such as making plans, controlling quality, cooperating and so on. In the phase of software design, PSP focuses on bug prevention.
The importance is the design of finished rules but not design method.
2.4 TSP
The Team Software Process (TSP) guides engineering teams in developing software intensive products. [3] The objective of the TSP is
to build and guide such teams that only if engineering teams are properly formed, suitably trained, staffed with skilled members, and
effectively led, they can do extraordinary work. TSP combines management of CMM and engineering of PSP. Through the TSP
software engineering, it can bring personal process into team process, and be integrated with the whole management system. Another
point management makes function to support team, give team the authority, acquire the management of data to obtain and retain the
high quality teamwork.
2.5 Applications
CDIO application fields are engineering education. CMM is considered the best possible software process and industry standard in
the industry. There are several organizations using CMM to evaluate their own stages, improve their process and capability. PSP and
TSP can help them forward. Large famous organizations make use of PSP and TSP to increase their stage of CMM, such as Microsoft,
Quarksoft, BAAN, Intuit, Advanced Information Services, Teradyne and so on. For example, in the TSP training in Microsoft, bugs
in the thousand lines of code were decreased especially in the unit tests. From the team point of view, workload of test almost was
decreased 25% and had improved the software quality. PSP becomes the required course of software engineering in many famous
universities. [1]-[3]
3 The Improved Method
As a developer, PSP can learn the most advanced software process management, project management skills and best practice
management. Consequently, the quality of projects, the forecast and planning capabilities can be improved and meanwhile product
defects can be reduced. As a development team, the implementation of TSP can build a high performance team in a relatively short
period of time, ensure the quality and safety of the products, plan and control project time and cost, in order to improve the
management of organization process. From the organization point of view, all the experience proved that the PSP/TSP can accelerate
the implementation of CMM in the organization, but also maintain that it is the need for improvements, which is a step-by-step mode.
Under the background of the CDIO reformation and the overall framework of the CDIO, using the introduction of advanced methods
in the PSP/TSP/CMM process to build a more efficient process of engineering education and evaluation system has its own advance
and feasibility. The relations of them can be seen from Figure 1. Specific work plans may be as follows:
 Ensuring the relevant points based on the CDIO education model of software professional teaching process and software process
 Ensuring the TSP, PSP implementation of norms and process in the CDIO education model of software professional teaching
 Exploring the CMMI Capability Maturity Assessment Model which is based on the CDIO education model of software
professionals in the teaching evaluation system
 Analyzing the relevant points of the CDIO education model and software process
 Analyzing the relevant points of TSP, PSP implementation of norms and processes and the CDIO education mode
 Analyzing the ability of the CMMI maturity assessment model, to explore the relevant points of the analysis and the CDIO
education model
Figure 1 CDIO/PSP/TSP/CMM relations in the teaching design
4 Conclusion
The advanced implementation standard PSP/TSP/CMM, which is introduced in the CDIO engineering education, has the practical
significance to research the implementation standards and design the process, to design, implement and evaluate the project of
software curriculum. It also gives a feasible way to cultivate the software talents and improve integration with the industry.
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