Second Nature – Security Skills for the Traveler™ is an... international security e-learning course that provides travelers with advanced P R

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Second Nature – Security Skills for the Traveler™ is an... international security e-learning course that provides travelers with advanced P R
Second Nature – Security Skills for the Traveler™ is an interactive,
international security e-learning course that provides travelers with advanced
security skills prior to their departure to promote a safe and productive trip.
Training & Awareness
Developed by experienced travelers, expatriates and international
security professionals, the course is split into core modules that focus
on key topics such as…
- preparing for a trip.
- handling “what if” situations.
- increasing awareness of key details to help keep the traveler safe.
- learning how to blend into the crowd and avoid becoming an easy
target, and, surviving a hostage situation.
The training doesn’t stop with these core modules.
Travelers also gain access to elective modules and self-study material.
The elective modules provide guidance on defensive driving and
expatriate security. The self-study material includes security tools,
cultural briefs and other information pertinent to the traveler’s safety
and is accessible via a website called the Traveler’s Suitcase.
core modules
Trailer to the course
Before You Travel
Research Your Destination
What To / What Not To Pack
Planning In-Country Transportation
Crisis Preparedness
Protecting Personal And Company
Residential Security
During Your Travel
At The Airport & On The Plane
In-country Transportation
Hotel Safety
Routes to Work
The Grey Person
Situational Awareness
Describing Techniques
Human Alert System
Surveillance Cycle
Petty Crime
If You Get Arrested
If An Incident Occurs
Shelter In Place
Hostage Survival
The Second Nature product includes:
- An enterprise license , as defined in the End User License Agreement,
of the Second Nature training & awareness product , to include Core
Modules, Elective Modules, and the Traveler’s Suitcase.
- A branded course that includes your company logo and name.
- A SCORM* compliant .zip file for integration into your Learning
Management System.
- Interactive questions assessing the learner’s application and
comprehension of content.
- 10 copies of the 3-disk DVD set to include computer-based and DVDvideo training.
- Closed captions of training content in English.
- 2 hours of telephone/email integration and IT support.
- SCORM* compliant eLearning training program
- Minimum user system requirements:
- Adobe Flash Player 9 or newer
- Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8 or newer
ompatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or newer and
Mozilla Firefox 3 or newer
- Recommended minimum screen resolution is 1024x768
* For more information on the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) please visit:
The delivery of an effective, empowering,
and sustainable international travel security
awareness program is at your fingertips.
The Capture Phase
The Consolidation Phase
The Holding Phase
The Resolution Phase
Coping Strategies
elective modules
Expatriate Security
Research Your Destination
Before You Depart
Driving Considerations
Residential Security
Essential Paperwork
Accompanied Assignments
Emergency Plan
Unfriendly and Suspicious Contacts
Defensive Driving
Vehicle Safety
Driving Safety
Road Trips
What If: Road Rage
What If: Accident
What If: Carjack
Empowering the learner to travel with increased confidence as the
security skills and resources in this course become “Second Nature”.
Before you Travel
During your Travel
Hostage Survival
Expatriate Security
Defensive Driving
Travelers’ Experiences
Commitment to Excellence
Providing your company with a product of excellence, our team of international
security professionals continues to enhance the quality and substance of advanced
security tips and techniques in the Second Nature training course.
As new technologies enter the marketplace and appear on the near horizon,
we assess their applicability to providing the learner a more immersive,
interactive, and time- and location- relevant training experience.
Our product can be customized to meet your company’s specific requirements. We
look forward to meeting with you to discuss how customization can contribute to
successful deployment.
Examples of Customization:
• The addition of an introduction to address your company’s policies
and procedures
• Use of closed captions to support languages other than English
• Updating interactive questions specific to your company’s travel and operations
• Removing learning content from Core and Elective Modules.
If your company does not have a SCORM-compliant Learning Management
System, our team can work with your personnel to determine the appropriate
delivery mechanisms to reach your intended training audience.
Contact Information
Scott Creighton
International Security Operations
Lockheed Martin Corporation
6801 Rockledge Drive (Dem-1, MS330)
Bethesda, MD 20817
Phone: +1 301 897 6017
Mobile: +1 240 522 4432
Fax: +1 301 214 3381
Designed to help your company meet its
Duty of Care obligations in an affordable
and timely manner.
…“A must see training course whether
traveling across the US or abroad.
The information this course provides
is well worth the time investment!
Planning a trip? Keep yourself and
your family safe by learning critical
safe travel tips and techniques from
the experts.”
…”We had an Expatriate preparing for
an upcoming assignment . He took
the Second Nature course at home so
his wife could participate in it….These
expatriates are taking the training and
content seriously and are appreciative
of the efforts to shorten and reduce
the travel and labor costs seen in
previous instructor-led courses”
…”The Second Nature experience
is immersive, engaging, interactive,
auditable, and…it’s training.”
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