The Waist Drum Movement Tracing, Carefully Examines

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The Waist Drum Movement Tracing, Carefully Examines
The Waist Drum Movement Tracing, Carefully Examines
and the Fitness Drum Emerges
1. Public Sport Department, Xiamen University of Technology, Xiamen, Fujian China, 361024
2. The Xiamen University sports teaches the education ministry, Xiamen, Fujian China, 361024
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Abstract: This article traces to the source the waist drum movement changing course, displays the
specific form of society according to the different historical period, divides into the superstition it to
pass the god time, the military to help in the fighting the time, outside the custom sacrificial offering
time, politics the delivery date, to issue an order abolishes the time, to joyfully celebrate the time, the
cultural dissemination time and the fitness fallow period 8 development phases successfully;
Simultaneously carefully examines the traditional drum movement existence manifestation to be unitary,
the esthetic appeal attenuates gradually; Appreciates the crowd to receive limits, keeps pace with the
times insufficiently slightly obviously; The inheritance way is obsolete, the dissemination way lacks the
development; The development localization does not permit, the popularization promotion lacks the
kinetic energy the question; Induces the reason which the fitness drum emerges to lie in: Has time
background which fitness in the populace; Pays great attention in the science fitness innovation idea;
Value in fitness value development use; Attention in cultural inheritance getting rid of the old and taking
in the new; Advancement in instruction way multi-dimensional choice; Popularization region exchange
which stimulates in the opening.
Keywords: Drum movement, Fitness drum, Tracing, Carefully examining, Starting
Dictionary definition: "drum, percussion, ancient and modern shape is different."[1] the emergence of
drum movement dates back to thousands of years ago, In order to carry easily, people imitate the shape
of mulberry drum kits and systems at the waist snare drum, named drum. Drum originate from the Zhou
Dynasty, In the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods it began flourishing, t In the Qin
Dynasty it is very popular, After long history’s development process, the waist drum is widely used in
exorcism, illness, earthquake demon, assist in the work, festivals and other activities.
1 Origin of Drum Movement Flow Process
Throughout the development of human society, the drum is closed related to all the living people, and
directly reflects the development process of society at that time, although it has variety forms, at
different times relative prominence of a more specific form of expression, which summarized the drum
movement flow process can be divided into:
1.1 "Superstition speaks" of period
In Zhou Wenwang period society is peaceful and prosperous, but the plague have occurred frequently,
many people died. People are extremely superstitious divination at the art masterpiece The Book of
Changes believe "fate," one said, and that personnel changes will affect the good and bad fortune to
heaven. So in this thinking in a feudal superstition, people regarded the plague as an almighty, blurred
ghosts and goblins, and the brightest people in uniform are the "monster" for the livelihood, began to
justify, "demons fear of shock" and that subsequently spread; According to this view, people Gualv Phi
Hung, hung at the waist to create a snare drum, called it drum, some people began to knock, sing and
dance, as to drive "Monster", Paul Four Seasons peace. This activity then become the driving drum
demon tools, regardless of when the season we spontaneously organize, and widely popular.
1.2 "Military assist in the work" of period
Shan Hai Jing records, The waist drum is the product of the War between the legendary Yellow Emperor
and Chi You drum for cheering and inspiring.[2] especially in the Spring and Autumn Period, the war
raging, drum also is a threat of military weapons and began to be used, with the operational needs of
development, but also increasingly used in the alarm drum, demonstrations, boost morale, transmission
of information, etc. This period closely linked with the military drum, drumming sound quite dense,
powerful pace, changing the battle, the majestic cry and make the atmosphere is the army, the military
became an indispensable weapon.
1.3 "Customary ritual" of period
Agriculture is a major industry in ancient China, many people engaged in agricultural production. The
farmers who lived depend on the weather, the rain is not sufficient slack time of years or longer the case,
drum, paper cutting and other activities to become a means of livelihood. Increasing the number to make
a living, making the market shrinking, gradually lost their drum skills to make a living value, and
gradually become the daily life of voluntary hand in hand, entertaining entertainment activities have,
over time develop into a special day (such as festivals, etc.) add to the fun ritual tool. Drum as weapons,
and gradually withdraw the military arena, into a folk celebration and entertainment tools. Eastern Han
Dynasty in China, "Xu three after the winter solstice, the twelfth lunar month festival hundred of God,"
the December festival, the beginning of the epidemic, the Western Han Dynasty is also clear that this
twelfth day of worship to "worship boat to swine and sheep, all the officials and the people feast to
celebrate a common drum The "; to the Six Dynasties, every December day, people have to hit drum,
wearing masks, pretending to exorcise God, evil plague, security and peace. The twelfth lunar month
during the season of the popular drum beat, and the role God Nuo ritual practices such as time began to
form specific, that is in the "wax on" to, which is a major Chinese folk custom variations, drum
development was given a dark feudal Custom colors..
1.4 "Political and diplomatic" of period
Sui and Tang Dynasties, "Yan Music" as a ritual dance performed many in that party, to welcome
foreign envoys, said the friendly foreign countries. At this point, different from the traditional forms of
Western drum "wide waist first" type of drum began, "Yan Music" in the large-scale use. Eclectic drum
of this period, culture and foreign drums each other, mutual integration and strong political overtones
court, the general population is difficult to reach.
1.5 “Issue an order abolishes” of period
The late Qing Dynasty to the early, surging in the peasant uprising, the decline of feudalism, capitalism
emerge, people tied to the ruling class ideology, began to choke and the arts block. Official at the time of
the drum against the people to engage in collective activities, including the drum causes the many art
forms, including changes in the era faded, the ancient Chinese have lost a lot of encouragement in the
form, with a broad mass base of the drum as if from the Rounds Red Corner fade as a political puppet
1.6 "Victory celebration" of period
Chinese anti-Japanese national liberation war, Yan Ning Border Region and the rise of new Yangko
movement, so Waist Drum Ansai waist drum movement, led by a new development, this period
hundreds of millions of soldiers and civilians celebrating a victory drum to celebrate the liberation of a
kinds of symbols, known as "victory drum." Playing drum, celebrate the victory of the sound throughout
the vast land of China, as the history of carrying the glorious achievements of the important forms of
revolutionary literary movement.
1.7 "Cultural transmission" of period
Since reform and opening, with the increase of cultural exchanges, so that has been in a conservative
and closed state, no teacher to keep, no rumor of the regional movement began to be widespread
concern drum, drum platform for expanding cultural exchanges. Drum of this period often appeared on
important occasions, with its bold action changes the rough, vigorous and imaginative, with Zhang
relaxation of bold dance to majestic momentum, the exquisite expression emerge in the large-scale
activities. Enter 90 years after the drum movement, particularly the new round of Ansai waist drum
caught during the peak period of development. Farmers First National Games, the Beijing Asian Games,
Hong Kong's return and Macao, the National Day anniversary and other major festivals, the drum is
heated to brilliant, forceful and passionate, magnificent, full of rich folk customs of the unique charm
conquered the world. Drum as a project with strong Chinese characteristics, have been winning in
international competitions, Chinese traditional folk art and cultural envoy to visit foreign countries,
effectively promote the Chinese folk culture, promote cultural exchange, and local economic and
cultural construction of play facilitating role. Pride of the Chinese folk art and culture of people - Ansai
waist drum has led "the first drum" award, was included by the State Council approved the first batch of
national intangible cultural heritage.
1.8 "Fitness and recreation" of period
In recent years, to meet the masses of new forms of fitness and strong demand for new content, in the
"guidance of the National Fitness Program", the follow the scientific principles of fitness, combined
with traditional drum "twist, jump, cross, flash, jump or , kick, turn, shake, "and other basic movements,
through repeated research, demonstration, launched a free site, number of personnel constraints, suitable
for people to fully exercise and fitness holiday entertainment, the performance of more forceful action
strong, smart stretch, style, relaxation and thus more , advance and retreat orderly, imposing more
Majestic, deep and powerful mass fitness program - Fitness drum. Fitness drum only good at breaking
the traditional folk art performances of the restrictions, with emphasis on fitness and leisure Science
ornamental features, integration times of national heritage and innovative features, which coincide with
their own unique characteristics and cultural diversity, ease of synthesis and action appropriate to carry
out the requirements to participate in the general enthusiasm for fitness exercise and recreation of the
old, the young people to promote universal.
2 Multi-dimensional Look of Traditional Drum Movement
Although the traditional drum movement with its own unique style, with the continuous development of
society has gradually reveals a little bottleneck, and its main features:
2.1 Forms a single, gradual weakening of aesthetic taste
As the main percussion instruments - drum, the shape of a cylinder, both ends of the little thin in the
middle thicker, two skin, wooden drum body, painted with red paint, drum box ringed with a ribbon to
the waist drum Xiegua International; but the appearance of a single drum in the absence of changes in
shape and color, larger drum, usually not easy to carry, combined with drum body lines and curves of
the coincidence of human physiology is not enough, the contact surface is too small, practitioners of the
left loin hip often due to hit the drum while the cortex may cause local damage, and the usual practice of
the drumming sound when it is not controlled, can easily cause noise pollution, young people difficult to
accept. Drum drumstick armed campaign hit performances played with both hands, pay attention to
rhythm, stressed that the overall effect, requires a unified and orderly movement of the formation of
normative change in order to show the beauty of masculine male dominated, but spread a longer time,
more heritage in the form of a single performance, making innovation less, the basic form of dance and
rhythm grooves change relatively fixed. Drum movement Although the development of this traditional
form of expression for thousands of years, but the fast forward pace of the times, the face of increasingly
demanding aesthetic taste, advocating popular element, the pursuit of fashion has become increasingly
characteristic of people who feel bored.
2.2 Appreciate the limited population, slightly less times
Drum has a broad popular movement, especially in rural areas, almost every village has drum team,
every family has a drummer, but also future generations, enduring, drum movement that dominated
most of the farmers. Simple and honest simplicity of folk customs, although the solid advantages of a
strong grass-roots development to promote the popular, but too wild dance, the rhythm of drums is too
straightforward, too strong local flavor, virtually lost its desire to pursue the noble elegance and style,
leading to appreciation of the crowd and the high level of urbanization among the divorced. In the
elegant civilization, people more and more popular by the day, the lack of high culture long-term
influence of the drum movement is clearly revealed by their own weakness and shortcomings.
2.3 The old way of inheritance, lack of transmission expansion
Drum movement from the private sector, development in civil society. Mainly uses traditional drum
"master train an apprentice" type of teaching one to one mentoring or one to many model, focusing on
demonstration and follow the simple imitation of the means of teaching science and teaching methods
have been neglected normative; focus on Plaza of the community or the exchange of professors for the
middle-aged people over, the diversity of the transmission and dissemination of the lack of expansion of
the object hierarchy; focus on visual perception of technical movements and body performance,
technical features and practical experience on the summary of information on the formation of small
text , lack of rational thinking, theoretical knowledge is relatively weak, books on drum is too few books,
monographs and universal authority of the lack of teaching materials. Too simple artistic heritage and
cultural heritage is the spread of an injury.
2.4 No development orientation, the lack of kinetic energy spread increase
From ancient times, the demon drum movement in the early shock exorcism ritual activities, the court,
"Yan Music" playing, "Victory drum" to celebrate, the National Day ceremony, parade and other
large-scale in order to display the characteristics of a variety of performance-based. Most of the content
as cultural performances, some of whom on stage, in addition to some of Northern drum to promote the
birthplace of the "action", most of the areas are some of the older elderly Phi Hung with green in some
places lined up to beat festival to heighten the atmosphere, few organizations and groups will entertain
the public drum as the "products", basically no one found it as a potential tool for potential fitness.
Therefore, the rapid development of popular culture today, just as the local characteristics and cultural
performances, rendering the role of the traditional drum rally is bound to have a "breathing star" of the
crisis, the development of its new features is imminent.
3 The Rise of Fitness Drum
Fitness drum refers to the basic movements of traditional drum-based, drumming and body movement
through the National Recreation and PE combined with exercise. [3] Because of its content in various
forms and highlight the value of exercise, more and more popular by the public, and gradually became a
mass of people who loved sports. Fitness drum is the reason why the rise, including:
3.1 The public health arising from the historical background
In order to meet the growing masses of people and physical health needs, held to commemorate the
Beijing Olympic Games, carrying forward the Olympic spirit and positive, the State Council set up
every year on August 8 as "National Fitness Day" to be healthy and progressive public spirit of sport to
convey to the public, and guide people to build healthy living concept. When the fireworks cleared,
bustling subsided, the National Olympic fever gradually faded, and "post-Olympic era," approaching,
China has quietly return to sports based, following the "National Fitness Program" issued ten years later,
the new fitness craze started another round of public surging Chinese soil. Local sports fitness drum is in
the public health is given the context of the new historical mission to enrich the cultural life of social
sports, fitness to adapt to the needs of the people for the purpose of which is rising rapidly.
3.2 The focus on innovative ideas in science fitness
Examine the scientific concept of the traditional drum fitness, fitness for purpose of its existence, such
as shape, fashion, technology, drums and other problems rhyme, drum on the fitness for innovative
design and improvement. First, change in shape at both ends of fine to coarse of fine concave-side wide
style drum and the body increases the contact surface, reducing the movement of the local drum impact
forces on the body, so that the waist drum and human physiology curve is more appropriate, features a
more comfortable time; also change as the three single wooden drum plastic drum body scalable type,
without affecting the fight against the premise of sound, that not only saves space, reduces weight, but
also easy to carry, more environmentally friendly; and in color, motif into the fashion element,
according to the pattern of performance required to replace the various types of stickers instead of
old-fashioned painted infrared paint to make it fun; plus practice mute the volume control hood, to
prevent nuisance.
Figure 1
Traditional drum and fitness drum (stretch, shrink-like) comparison chart
Does not stick in the clothing accessories department scarves, Yang Piao, tied white legs, with red
embroidered dress shoes, but for professional design, encourage people to wear comfortable and
generous, can reflect the health body good temperament, unconventional dress with; action on the
expansion of the combination of basic movements, increased to show the beauty of feminine
characteristics of women in action, the establishment of basic action element library, to encourage
innovative action; in the rhythm of the drums on the integration of other elements of Western and folk
instruments, with the need to introduce new shows.
Figure 2
Traditional drum and fitness apparel accessories drum comparison chart
3.3 Emphasis on development and utilization of the fitness value
Fitness drum gradually increased overall brand strategy and development, is actively preparing for his
fitness value in mining and refining its specific function. Such as science drum set including the health
of health standards, the principle of gradual improvement of training, evaluation methods and attention,
compose for different age groups drum routine fitness exercise and regularly update upgrade, renewal
and more with the efficacy of high-quality new form of fitness, etc. . Fitness drum "to keep fit, fitness,
disease prevention," the effectiveness in the community has evolved a certain degree of awareness and
3.4 Attention in cultural inheritance getting rid of the old and taking in the new
Fitness drum enrich the substance and content of ornamental value, while maintaining the original loud
drums, great scenes, majestic momentum, vigorous dancing, based on the theme background,
performance style, atmosphere rendering, etc. fusion of innovation and change scenarios of the past
performance style, focus on "health, strength and beauty" of the show, to learn the essence of various
domestic and international dance styles, while retaining the original features and excellent content of the
traditional drum under the premise of adhering to the compatible with the spirit of strengthening the
cohesion of the Chinese culture, the full performance of live characteristics of the times, create
enthusiastic, passionate, panacea overall temperament and improve fitness drum people interested in
3.5 Promote the multiple choices in teaching methods
Fitness drum while maintaining the original community or square form of exchange study, the increase
of school physical education class drum instruction, drum competitions and other special level of
teaching means, both to expand course content, the establishment of the school curriculum drum, drum
and specialized personnel to provide training platform; actively building drum Movement Theory of
Knowledge, strengthening the authority and universality of monographs written materials; the traditional
model and follow the simple imitation of unilateral changes to the multilateral modern teaching methods
to teach full use of modern means of teaching and learning technologies, network resources and
environmental advantages of hardware drum professor.
3.6 The geographical spread on the open exchange of invigorating
Comprehensive universal drum movement, drum need to weaken the concept of territories, not blindly
back the source of Fat, conceited; the drum schools in the local culture, and vigorously promote the
same time, should actively drum selection and absorb foreign culture, to encourage and guide the North
and South, East of multi-ethnic areas in western and mutual penetration of drum culture. Fitness and
gradually weakened the drum with a drum heavy local color labels, to break the cultural level between
regions are blocked, the crux of resolving regional culture less tolerant, and fully meet the region have
added to the drum movement of people interested in the demand; use of the implementation of school
drum movement of popular fitness, and expand the coverage of the audience class, uniform age
distribution, and other means to attract more young people to strengthen some of the central and
outlying provinces, Hong Kong, Macao and drum movement to promote ethnic minority areas.
Author in brief:
Author: Fang Qi (1982 -), male, Hunan Anhua, lecturer, Master, research direction: Physical Education
and Training
Fund:1. State Sports General Administration Issues "Horizon Fitness 'non heritage' Living Transmission
Project - A Case Study of Fitness drum" (1567SS10121);
2. Fujian Provincial Department of Education social science research projects "Cross-Strait
exchanges and traditional sports promotion - A Case Study of Fitness drum" (JA09007S)
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