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Kenneth E. Scislaw, Ph.D. Academic Background Assistant Professor
Kenneth E. Scislaw, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Breech School of Business Administration
[email protected]
Academic Background
Ph.D. University of St. Andrews, St Andrews (UK), 2010
M.B.A. University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh (UK), 1991
B.S. University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Corporate Finance and Investment Management (History
minor), 1981
Registered Investment Advisor, Series 2 (now Series 65), 1995 (1995-1997)
Company/Variable Contracts Products Limited Representative, Series 6, 1981 (1981-1983)
General Securities Representative, Series 7, 1981 (1981-1983)
Uniform Securities Agent State Law Examination, Series 63, 1981 (1981-1983)
Work Experience
Academic Experience
Assistant Professor of Finance (tenure track), Drury University (2014 - Present), Springfield, Missouri.
Clinical Assistant Professor of Finance, Drexel University (2011 - 2014), Sacramento, California.
Visiting Professor, Drury University (2010 - 2011), Springfield, Missouri.
Lecturer (tenure track), University of St Andrews (2009 - 2010), St Andrews, United Kingdom.
Lecturer, Director of Entrepreneurship Research Center, University of Alabama in Huntsville (1998 - 2007),
Huntsville, Alabama.
Lecturer, University College Dublin (2001 - 2002), Dublin, Ireland.
Non-Academic Experience
Founding Principal and Institutional Investment Consultant, Scislaw Capital Management (1991 - 2005),
Guntersville, Alabama. Founding principal of an independent institutional investment consulting firm. The
practice primarily targeted investment fund fiduciaries needing to make the transition to a professional
institutional oversight methodology. Client services included due diligence, manager search, performance
attribution, asset allocation modeling, policy creation and review, and other analytical, operational and
management tasks required by a fund fiduciary.
International Market Specialist, Prudential Securities (1989 - 1990), New York, New York.
Part of a short-term crisis management turnaround team to help boost revenues and salvage international
equity research operations.
Head of Institutional Corporate Development, Manager of Australian Operations, Templeton Investment
Head of Institutional Corporate Development, Manager of Australian Operations, Templeton Investment
Counsel, Inc. (1985 - 1988), Ft Lauderdale, Florida. Reported to the chief executive officer. Responsible for
global institutional corporate development, strategic planning and Australian business operations. The firm,
founded by the legendary investor, Sir John Templeton, managed over $10 billion in international equities for
companies such as General Motors and Eastman Kodak, and for institutions such as Princeton University.
Listed as a key employee by the James Capel research firm (UK) as the company offered shares to the public
in London in 1988.
NASDAQ Trading, Market Specialist, Merrill Lynch (1981 - 1985), New York, New York. NASDAQ Equity
Trading Floor - Originated and developed Merrill Lynch’s move into the sale of international equities to retail
clients. Worked with international equity research analysts, international investment bankers, position
traders, and thousands of retail salesmen promoting the sale of non-US equities. Pioneering intrapreneurial
effort in 1985 helped give Merrill an early premier position in international equity transactions in the US.
Courses Taught
Courses from the Teaching Schedule: Analytical Methods (formerly CISQ 228), Bank Management,
Corporate Finance (Formerly FINC431), Derivatives and Alternative Investments, Financial Markets and
Institutions (Formerly FINC405), Investments (Formerly FINC435), Measuring and Reporting Financial and
Statistical Information, Portfolio Management, Principles of Accounting, Selected Topics, Selected Topics,
Semester Elective
Courses taught, but not in the Schedule:
Undergraduate Teaching:
Principles of Accounting
Portfolio Management
Corporate Finance
Personal Financial Planning
Commercial Bank Mgt
International Finance
Management and Marketing
New Venture Strategies
International Business
Graduate Teaching:
Corporate Finance (MBA, MSF, MLitt)
Investments (MBA, MSF)
Portfolio Mgt (MBA, MSF)
Financial Markets and Institutions (MBA, MSF)
Management and Marketing
New Venture Strategies (MBA)
Business Research Methods (EMBA)
Seminar in Investments – Thesis (MSF)
Taught Practicums:
Investment Practicum Small number of students work closely with finance faculty to invest real money in
the stock market.
Small Business Counseling Students receive practical exposure to problems and opportunities of small
business firms.
Intellectual Contributions:
Refereed Articles
Scislaw, K. E. & McMillan, D. G. (2015). Portfolio constituency rules and the value premium in the small-cap
space. Managerial Finance, 41 (5), 418-436.
Scislaw, K. E. (2015). The value premium within and across GICS industry sectors in a pre-financial collapse
sample. Cogent Economics and Finance, 3 (1045214)., doi: 10.1080/23322039.2015.1045214.
Scislaw, K. E. (2015). The value premium across and within GICS industry sectors in a pre-financial collapse
sample. Cogent Economics and Finance, 3 (1).
Scislaw, K. E. & McMillan, D. G. (2012). The search for an exploitable value premium in market indexes.
Journal of Asset Management, 13, 253-270, doi: 10.1057/jam.2012.2.
Scislaw, K. E. & Evans, D. (2004). Structural Imperfections in the Algorithm of Certain Equity Style Indexes.
Journal of Investment Consulting, 6 (2), 58-68.
Papers Under Review
Scislaw, K. E. (2014). "A Surrey Origin to a 15th Century Chaucer Scribe?," Conditional acceptance to Surrey
Archaeological Collections.
Working Papers
Scislaw, K. E. (2014). "The Value Premium Within and Across Industry Sectors," targeted for Cogent
Economics and Finance.
Scislaw, K. E. & McMillan, D. G. (2014). "The shape of the yield curve as a predictor for future market
Other Intellectual Activities
Applied or Integrative/application Scholarship
2004: Scislaw, K. E., Getting the Drift. Growth, Value Benchmarks: Is the Tail Wagging the Dog? Barron’s,
Dow Jones & Company, Inc., New York, NY, 1 March 2004. (Academic research, sole focus of article)
Teaching and Learning Scholarship
2011: Scislaw, K. E., A lesson for grad schools. Pensions and Investments (trade magazine)
Service to the University
College Assignments
2016-2017: Curriculum & Assessment
2015-2016 – 2016-2017: Finance and Economics faculty
2014-2015 – 2016-2017: MBA Program Committee
2014-2015 – 2016-2017: Breech Department
2015-2016: Curriculum Management Committee
2014-2015 – 2015-2016: Assurance of Learning and Accredtation (AOL&A)
2010-2011: Breech Department
Service to the Profession
Reviewer - Article / Manuscript
2009: European Journal of Finance.
Reviewer - Book / Textbook
2008: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance by Berk and DeMarzo (2008, Pearson Addison-Wesley).
Editor: Peer Reviewed Journal
2014: Journal of Financial Literature (under development). The Journal of Financial Literature will be a
journal of literature reviews oriented to professionals in investment management and corporate finance.
Each 3- to 5-page review will convey consequential conclusions from academic publications in brief,
easy-to-comprehend language and simple analytical format. Furthermore, each review will focus on how
results from academic research may address industry needs. The goal of the journal is to change how finance
is actually practiced by increasing the volume and velocity of speech crossing the barrier between academics
and practice.
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