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Health Solutions Made Personal.  
 Health Solutions Made Personal.
Dear Drury University Plan Participant, LDI Integrated Pharmacy Services would like to welcome you as a member of the Drury University Prescription Benefit Program. Our Customer Care Associates are eager to assist you with any questions you may have or please feel free to utilize our website at www.LDIRx.com. Your prescription drug benefit plan enables you to obtain prescription drugs at a Retail Pharmacy or through LDI’s convenient Home Advantage Program. Mandatory Mail Order Program Beginning June 1, 2016, you will be permitted two 30 day fills of maintenance medication(s) through your retail pharmacy. Subsequent fills of these maintenance medications are required to be obtained through LDI Home Advantage. Copayments The portion of the drug cost that you are responsible to pay for is listed in the table below. Please note, if you insist on a brand name medication when there is a generic available and the doctor’s prescription allows for a generic to be dispensed, a penalty will be added to your applicable copayment. This penalty is the difference in price between the brand name medication and the its available generic. Copayments effective June 1, 2016 are listed below. Generic Preferred Brand Non‐Preferred Brand Specialty Drugs Combined Major Medical and Rx Annual Out of Pocket Maximum Retail LDI Mail Order (30 Day Supply Order) (90 Day Supply) Greater of $5 or 15% Greater of $10 or 15% Greater of $40 or 15% Greater of $80 or 15% Greater of $60 or 15% Greater or $60 or 15% 15% coinsurance Individual ‐ $6,850 Family ‐ $13,700 1
Health Solutions Made Personal.
LDI Exclusion (Also called Premium Drug List (PDL)) and Preferred Drug Formulary An Exclusion (PDL) and Preferred Drug Formulary is part of your prescription drug benefit. An Exclusion (PDL) and Preferred Drug Formulary is a list of suggested preferred prescription medications that have been chosen because of their clinical and cost effectiveness. Medications listed on the Exclusion Formulary are not covered under the Plan and an alternative must be selected. For the most up to date copy of the formulary, please visit www.LDIRx.com . The Formulary is subject to change at any time without notice. PLEASE NOTE: Your benefit plan design may not cover certain drugs regardless of their appearance on this list If you have specific questions about your prescription benefit plan, please visit www.LDIRx.com or call LDI customer service at 1‐866‐516‐3121. LDI Home Advantage If you are currently receiving your prescription(s) through mail order, you will be required to get a new prescription(s). Before you mail in a new prescription, you must REGISTER your information with LDI Home Advantage. You may use one of the following methods: 1.
Telephone: LDI Home Advantage is available 24‐hours‐a‐day toll free at 1 (866) 516‐1121. Mail Order: Complete the LDI Order form and send it directly to us. A new order form can be downloaded from www.LDIRx.com. After you receive your first order through LDI Home Advantage, members will be able to register online at www.LDIRx.com and order refills by clicking on ORDER REFILLS. You will need to register using your AR#. The AR# is on your first invoice from LDI Home Advantage. Online RxServices for Members Members will be able to: • Locate the nearest pharmacy • View secure medication history profile with LDI • Get in‐depth brand and generic drug information, including drug interactions and possible side effects of medications. Rx Services for Members can be reached from LDI’s official website at www.LDIRx.com. Users will need to register with a secure user name and password in order to access online services. Members will need their cardholder ID 2
Health Solutions Made Personal.
available for registration. For additional information or assistance on LDI’s online services for members, please visit www.LDIRx.com or call (314) 652‐3121 or 1 (866) 516‐3121. Choose Generic Drugs Generic drug products are always a preferred choice since they are cost effective and tested to have the same quality, strength, purity and stability as brand‐name medications. The FDA requires that these generic products must contain the same active ingredients as the original brand and produce the same effects in the body and in most cases, they cost less. Generic drugs are included in the program and identified on the Preferred Drug Formulary which can be found at www.LDIRx.com. At LDI, our most important customer is YOU! Our main objective is to make your prescription purchase easy and convenient. If you have any questions regarding our mail order service please don’t hesitate to contact a Customer Care Associate at 1 (866) 516‐3121. We look forward to helping you with your prescription needs. Warmest regards, LDI Integrated Pharmacy Services 3
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