Abby Veliz MicroTeach #3 Third Grade Learning Objectives The

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Abby Veliz MicroTeach #3 Third Grade Learning Objectives The
Abby Veliz Micro­Teach #3 Third Grade Le arning Obje ctive s The students will be able to echo rhythm patterns using rhythm sticks with 80% accuracy. TEKS (3) Creative expression. The student performs a varied repertoire of developmentally appropriate music in informal or formal settings. The student is expected to: (A) sing or play classroom instruments with accurate intonation and rhythm independently or in groups; (4) Creative expression. The student creates and explores new musical ideas within specified guidelines. The student is expected to: (A) create rhythmic phrases through improvisation or composition Rationale The poison rhythm game allows students to not only echo rhythm patterns in a duple or triple pattern, but also identify a single rhythm in context from a series of other rhythms. Proce dure s Poison Rhythm Remind students of instrument procedures: rest position playing position allow 10 seconds for them to just make noise, then set back to rest position­ if needed. Have them play and chant at the same time: Set triple meter Use “Du da di, du da di.” Introduce the Poison Rhythm Game “Now, I’m going to try and stump you guys. Listen to this rhythm:” Du da di, duta data dita, du da di, du. “Echo and chant after me” “Now, I’m going to play several rhythms that you are going to echo. If you hear me play this rhythm though: (demonstrate again), DON’T ECHO ME! Why? Because that is our poison rhythm! Let’s see if I can get you!” Du da di, duta data dita, du di, du da di. Du da, du da, du da di, du. Du da, du di, duta data dita, du. du da di, du da di, duta data dita, du. etc Play a few more rounds, have student suggest a poison rhythm Asse ssme nt: Watch and listen as students echo rhythm patterns with 85% accuracy. 
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