Peggy Guggenheim: A Love for Sculpture

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Peggy Guggenheim: A Love for Sculpture
Peggy Guggenheim: A Love for Sculpture
The Peggy Guggenheim Collection and the Fondazione Cariverona together for an innovative
education project: to educate in contemporary art through original artworks.
The Cariverona Foundation and Peggy Guggenheim Collection on February 6 launched an
innovative project of art and teachers’ education for the schools from Provinces of Verona,
Vicenza and Belluno. The formative model ‘A Scuola di Guggenheim’ was first experimented in
2003, and has now become the model for collaboration between the two institutions. The
program seeks to promote attention towards contemporary art, exploring and evalutating
current artistic movements of the 1900s, contemporary culture and territory. From this
collaboration between the Cariverona Foundation and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, and
the cardinal principles of educating new generations in the discovery and experimentation with
modern art, the Peggy Guggenheim: A Love for Sculpture, was born. The exhibition is shown
from February 25 to April 22 at the Veronese Foundation space in via Forti 3A, Verona.
At the centre of this education project’s originality is the declarative journey created by Luca
Massimo Barbero, the true didactic instrument and foundation of the program aimed at schools.
The dimensions of the Peggy Guggenheim: A Love for Sculpture is a prelude to launching a
new way of learning about art and culture of the 20th Century. 30 works of art will travel from
the Venice Collection in order to meet the younger students from the region, giving these
students an opportunity to become closer to the art. By travelling to the students, this exhibition
Peggy Guggenheim: A Love for Sculpture
allows students to remain within their own environments, while confronting new realities and
discovering new means of reading contemporary art, through Peggy’s much loved sculptures.
The works offer a clear cultural and artistic panorama, from the beginning of the 1900s until
after the World Wars, proposing some immediately recognisable themes, and revealing
evidence of the cognitive and formative impact made on the youths. For example, portraits of
the 20th Century are confronted with the complexity of its evolution, beginning from the realistic
interpretations of Medardo Rosso (Ecce puer, 1906), and Vincenzo Gemito (Bacchus) to the
idealisation of lines of Adolfo Wildt (
L’anima e la sua veste
, 1992), and the poetic abstraction of Max Ernst (
Young Woman in the Form of a Flower,
1944). Remaining with the abstraction theme, the exhibition will discover the wonder of fantasy
in a mobile from 1943 by Alexander Calder, the classic abstraction of Antoine Pevsner (
Developable Surface
) as well as the dada and surreal inventions of Jean Arp. The journey continues with the metamorphis of the human figure, from the representations of
the family by Henry Moore (Family Group, 1944) to the stylisation of the couple by Lynn
Chadwick (
Modellino per Teddyboy e ragazza, 1955),
and the painful abstraction that returns in the works of Cèsar (
L’uomo nella ragnatela,
1955). At the end, the theme of great sculptures that interprets design is also illustrated with the
works of Giuseppe Spagnulo, and his project for the gates at the Peggy Guggenheim
Collection (2004), Manfredo Massironi (
Ipercubo Plexiglas,
1963) and Franco Costalonga (
Peggy Guggenheim: A Love for Sculpture
Peggy Guggenheim: A Love for Sculpture will remain open to the public every day from 9:00
until 18:00. Both scholastic and adult groups can book a guided tour by calling 045.8057426.
There are guided tours for adults on the weekends at 11:00 and 16:00, and do not require
reservations. Thanks to the kindness of the Cariverona Foundation, the entire project
dedicated to schools (exhibition entry) is completely free of charge.
For the first year, this didactic project places particular attention to infant and primary schools
that can host laboratories in class with an artist. The presence of an artist in class is an
opportunity for an extraordinary experience of student involvement, in a reflection-action on
instruments of art making and their uses, for a new and personal creation. Another innovation
of the project is represented by the end and verification phase, which anticipates an exhibition
of works by the students from participating schools. Mum, Dad, I’ll explain the exhibition to you
…, exhibited from May 19 to 26, May 2007. This project will see the students become the real
protagonists of this project, as creators of the exhibited artworks and then guides of their own
parents in the exhibition. This initiative values the commitment asked of both teachers and
students, and emphasizes attention on families interested in the education
For any information or further details of this initiative, contact the Cariverona Foundation on
Peggy Guggenheim: A Love for Sculpture
For high resolution images of the works in the exhibition, please contact [email protected]
; relazionie
[email protected]
. http://www.guggenheim-venice.it/inglese/default.html
Data inizio: 25-02-2007
Data fine: 22-04-2007
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