Golf Court Yard, Maribel Hotel

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Golf Court Yard, Maribel Hotel
Golf Court Yard, Maribel Hotel - Hotel Maribel Madonna di Campiglio, Alpine Comfort, loc. Campo Carlo Magno, Trentino
Golf Court Yard
The Golf Court Yard Passo Campo Carlo Magno is one of the oldest in Italy, the Henry Cotton designed in
1923 in a pine forest. Are the framework for this marvel, surrounded by the Adamello Brenta Nature Park, the
famous Dolomiti di Brenta, this landscape, to be enjoyed by the middle of the field can become an obstacle to
the merger. Located at 1650 m is one of the highest golf courses in Europe and is open during the summer
months of July, August and September, the route consists of 9 holes with double tees. Guests will also find a
driving range with 20 pitches, including 6 indoor putting green, pitching green, rental carts, club house and
many other surprises.
A few steps away from Madonna di Campiglio is another golf course in an equally fascinating: The Golf Club
Rendena that stands astride the common Bocenago Caderzone and in the heart of Val Rendena. As the field of
Passo Campo Carlo Magno also this resort is set in a unique setting in which they are crowned by the
spectacular peaks of the Brenta Dolomites. From March to November are available, 250,000 square meters. to
spend their holidays playing sports in an enchanted landscape. For about an hour. Madonna di Campiglio is
located on Golf Course Sarnonico; in the middle of Val di Non in the '20s was created at the foot of Mount
Roen. In 2003 the architect Michel Niebdala designed other 9 holes added to the nine existing process,
according to some, the range Sarnonico.
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Hotel Maribel Via Pian dei Frari, 11 I-38086 Madonna di Campiglio TN, Italy | Tel. +39 0465 443085 |
e-mail: [email protected]
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Golf Court Yard
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