Of course, Mr. Famous is Audrey Hepburn`s DOG!!! Okay, this is

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Of course, Mr. Famous is Audrey Hepburn`s DOG!!! Okay, this is
Of course, Mr. Famous is Audrey Hepburn's DOG!!! Okay, this is
really the last Christmas letter I'm going to write to you this year.
This will be my mom's lucky numbers seven!!! So, Providence had
a hand in this I think ???
I'm never going to start writing my
Christmas cards so early again. My friend Bill just told me that
the Phillies are in first
place. That's the reason
for this seventh Christmas
letter. Bill is a big Phillies
fan!!! As you know, I am a
Yankees fan because I
have always had a lot of
respect for Lou Gehrig.
Even so, I rooted for the
Phillies when they played
against the Yankees in the
World Series last year. It's
a joke I have with God.
You can see above that I gave Leonardo da Vinci a Phillies BALL cap. Leonardo is the quintessential scientist, and, of
course, Philadelphia is where I earned my doctorate in neuroscience. So, although I am a Yankees fan because of Lou
Gehrig... I am also a closet Phillies fan.
I was rooting for the Phillies against the Yankees in the last World Series.
And, I felt that God spoke to me during that game. I'll explain that in a minute... The painting that I stole Leonardo's
image from is "The School of Athens" or "Scuola di Atene" painted by Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, or as he is commonly
known, Raphael. I have a special devotion to the Archangel Raphael because during my pilgrimage to Medugorje in
Bosnia- Herzegovina in 2003 a very beautiful teenage girl touched me on the shoulder and asked me my name. I told her
that my name is "Brett," and she said to me in perfect English "My name is Rafael, like the Archangel. Will you pray for
me, Brett ???" So, I have been praying for Raphael ever since. Rafael is Hebrew for "God heals."
I'm not taking any
chances as to whether she was an angel or not!!! Ha ha... I Photoshop'd Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper painting
(below) showing Jesus and all
of his apostles wearing
Yankees BASEBALL caps. I
made the image several years
ago after returning from my
pilgrimage to Medugorje
when I was feeling somewhat
frustrated with God. "Holy
cow, I went all the way to
Bosnia for you!!! What else
do you want me to do!!! Life
is hard. Can I have a break
now ???" I suppose there is a
time and place for everything
God might tell me, I need to
learn more patience,
described in the Book of Job...
which I have read. So, what is
my JOKE with God ??? I will
tell you... You cannot be a
scientist like Leonardo da
Vinci and have a disease like
mine, and not wonder about
the possibility of a MIRACLE
happening through stem cell
research... EMBRYONIC or
otherwise!!!!! I am a good
Catholic, and I believe that it
is wrong for us to take any life, but I imagine that there must be a way for great minds in this world to work together,
and make that miraculous DISCOVERY without hurting anybody, any child. There must be a way!!! So I use the Phillies!!!
As my CREATIVE complaint to God!!!
The date today is
September 13th, 2010. One day after my dad's best friend
died in 1993, and his daughter Christine's birthday today.
We gave her mom, Barbara, another one of our monarch
butterfly caterpillars that will hopefully soon become a
beautiful butterfly. We cannot always change things, and
make life just the way we want it to be,
but we can
always certainly complain to God about our lives, and
what He is asking us to do. Job complains a lot!!! But, he
remained true to himself, as Shakespeare tells us to be.
Job remained true to God, it's really the same thing!!!
Anyway, thanks for reading all of my crazy musings... If
the Phillies are in the World Series this year against the
Yankees, it will certainly be a major COINCIDENCE in my
life. If not, of course, just crazy Brett again seeing things
that aren't REAL!!! The first baseball game Ms. Audrey
Hepburn ever saw was a Yankees game. So, you can be
sure that although Audrey sympathizes with me... she is
definitely on the side of God. Ha ha... I don't know how
God feels about me putting a Yankees baseball cap on his
head. Oh well, my urologist is a Boston Red Sox fan like
my dad, and he asked me if I also rooted for the Dark Side
in Star Wars. I can't help that the Yankees always win!!!
Maybe this year with George Steinbrenner having gone to meet his CREATOR (Audrey is jealous), God will give another
team a chance to be in the winner's circle. You never know!!! If the Phillies win this year, I will take it as a sign from God
that there is a way to conduct ethically and morally sound research with human embryos. If they don't win the World
Series, it doesn't much matter what I think anyway... Who the heck listens to me!!! Probably only one person has read
this far in my Christmas letter... Ha ha... Okay, there might be two of you ??? That picture I post on the front of this
page with Leonardo da Vinci wearing the Phillies Ball Cap is the logo for our Broken Art Creativity Class
at Good
Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital. Raphael actually painted Leonardo who he greatly admired as the philosopher Plato
in his painting. I was just talking about this with my friend Bill who takes me for walks at Muhlenberg College. This is
another COINCIDENCE. Raphael's painting "The School of Athens" is a huge artistic mural in the entrance way to their
new biology building. So, Bill and I were just talking about it the other day!!! Raphael also painted Michelangelo whom
he greatly admired too in the painting.
Raphael may have grown to be as famous as the two men he adored, but
God called him home to quickly. Raphael died at 36 years of age. He is one of the three Renaissance Greats regardless!!!
Below is my friend Carolyn who is in our Broken Art Creativity Class presenting me with a piece of artwork she made for
me of Ms. Holly Golightly... alias Ms. Audrey Hepburn, ONCE AGAIN appearing in my life. I'm telling you people... You
have to believe me!!! The SPIRIT of Ms. Audrey Hepburn is following me!!! I don't know what she wants exactly... but
she's not going to let me QUIT on God. You see, I'm wearing a Yankees Baseball Cap in that picture.
Go Phillies!!!
Audrey won't let me quit... Although I have to tell you, I am very tired. Go Phillies!!!
Fly UP