Xerox® Color By Words Color adjusting made simple

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Xerox® Color By Words Color adjusting made simple
Xerox Color By Words
Color adjusting made simple
Original image
Improve your printout using
descriptive color instructions
in the unique Color By Words
tool on your Xerox Phaser 7500
color printer.
You don’t need to be a color expert or use complicated tools to fix “problem” images before
you print. With the unique Xerox color feature,
Color By Words, you can give natural descriptive
instructions, such as: pale foliage-green colors a
lot more vivid, and the Phaser® 7500 color printer
prints the file with your adjustments. Simple.
Adjust colors by describing them
Color By Words gives you pull-down menus that let you select
common color words and phrases to describe how you want to
adjust your images. You don’t need a degree in color theory; the
printer will take care of the color science behind the adjustments.
Color By Words adjustments
Make color corrections:
• skin tone colors_
a lot more_pink
Fine tune printouts without changing the file
Make last minute color changes when you print. No need to
go back to square one and manipulate source files. In fact, with
Color By Words, you don’t need the source file, images or fonts
to make the desired color changes.
Make color improvements:
Change only select colors
• sky-blue colors_
considerably less_hazy
Have you ever wanted to change one color in a printout without
affecting the rest of the page? Color By Words is so selective that
it will make only the color adjustments you want. The rest of the
page will print as the original file.
The best part is that Color By Words is standard on your
Phaser 7500 printer, not an expensive add-on.
Make complete color changes:
• green colors_completely_yellow
• purple colors_completely_cyan
• very light_white colors_
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