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Diapositiva 1
Introduction to solar energy: solar resource, history of CSP, potential to produce solar electricity, environmental
aspects affecting the power industry.
Solar energy collection: fundamentals, types of solar collectors, state of the art of the technology.
An introduction to the power conversion units: Rankine, Brayton and Stirling cycles.
Absorbers for steam, gas and heat transfer fluids. State of the art.
Energy Storage: power dispatchability and energy storage.
Technology Readiness Level of CSP technologies.
Concluding remarks and future of CSP technology
Dates and Location
20 Jan, 9:00/13:00, 14:00/18:00
21 Jan, 14:00/18:00
Aula Catello Savarese, Departement of Engineering, Centro Direzionale Isola C4, Naples
David Sánchez received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Seville in
2005. He is Associate Professor at the Thermal Power Group, Department of Energy
Engineering at University of Seville.
The focus of his research is on: turbomachinery and power plants, fuel cells, application of the
Infrared thermography to the thermal engine.
The teaching activity of David Sánchez regards: Thermal machines, Internal combustion
engines, Designing, Optimization and operation of power plants, Advanced power systems.
David Sánchez is author of several scientific papers published in international journals.
Ph.D .– E SE
Energy Science and
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