WORTH Pilot Project Ref NO. 293/PP/ENT/CIP/13/B/N02C05

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WORTH Pilot Project Ref NO. 293/PP/ENT/CIP/13/B/N02C05
WORTH Pilot Project
Ref NO. 293/PP/ENT/CIP/13/B/N02C05
WORTH Pilot Project
Ref NO. 293/PP/ENT/CIP/13/B/N02C05
Operating team :
and lawyers from France UK Italy
Pilot Project
A 2-year pilot project to prepare the launching of COSME in 2016
Help European SMEs integrate up to date design competences to enhance their
Provide experience  best practices to be replicated in COSME
Provide visibility  encourage many companies to do the same (COSME or else)
WORTH aims to:
• Create exciting opportunities for new product development
• Support designers to adopt new techniques
• Broker new partnerships between manufacturers, artisans and designers
• Broaden production horizons through contemporary design and technologies
How it works?
Making connections and crossing
borders with design, craft and
manufacture across Europe
WORTH project will initiate 30 partnerships
between DESIGNERS and ENTERPRISES : manufacturers, retailers, craftsmen,
technology companies)
in fashion, textiles, jewellery, footwear, eyewear, furniture, leather industries
from different EU member states (and other CIP participating countries)
to create innovative new products
under the guidance of a professional Steering Board.
WORTH will provide coaching and strategic advice + help support
Product development
Exhibition at trade fairs or other venues
IP rights organization and management.
Isabel Marant
Maurizio Galante
Paola Bertola
Jean-Jacques Picart
Pascale Mussart
Rob Young
Philippe Ribera
WORTH web platform
an entrance for candidates + a hub of partnerships
a pool of online resources of the partners to share knowhow and post needs
online and real events to engage participants and relevant audiences
a database of designers, craftsmen, manufacturers, makers, artisans etc.
 business models and best practices arising to support collaborative product
development and best practice
 knowledge transfer via case studies of successful collaborations and partnerships.
3 types of eligible projects :
Eligible projects A
A.designer-based : designers or retailers looking for creative
opportunities to raise value added and/or explore different
products through different materials , finishes and manufacturing
processes that are new to the company
(examples : a footwear designer brand seeking to develop and
launch a new line with wooden soles; a lighting designer seeking
to integrate electroluminescent fibres or scent-encapsulating
yarns in their products; a concept fashion retailer willing to
launch bed linen collection )
Eligible projects B
B. market-oriented : manufacturers seeking the integration of design capability
to expand existing or secure new customer base by improving design quality,
adding value to products or through innovative new products
(examples : a traditional seat maker trying to upgrade and update the style of
their collections; a raincoat manufacturer willing to launch and market a
waterproof handbag)
C.design technology-oriented : manufacturers
Eligible projects C
seeking to master modern developing or
prototyping techniques to improve flexibility,
reactivity and production management by
integrating updated design technology (preindustrial production phases) or technique. Such
partnerships could possibly receive help from
designers for new saleable ideas
(examples : a textile manufacturer willing to
integrate low-cost printing techniques in design
collection-making; a button manufacturer willing
to integrate 3D-printer prototyping techniques; a
garment branded manufacturer willing to
integrate catwalk presentation techniques on
their website)
Eligible leaders :
Enterprises :
not in process of receivership or bankruptcy,
positive cashflows
involve in the Project a minimum team comprising at least the top manager and
one dedicated senior staff
have a minimum of 3 full time employees
be willing to pay between 500-1,000 € to participate
develop and submit a well-considered project proposal, demonstrating strategic
vision and drive
have no or no significant experience in design.
Eligible leaders :
Designers : both strong creative energy and talent + realism
a prior successful experience in working with manufacturers
success in developing and selling their collections for at least 2 years
an understanding of market issues and market-related constraints
the need or strong wish to work with new types of manufacturer
a strong creative identity, talent and belief in their ideas
a clear articulation of the idea and purpose of the proposed project and the
desired outcome
credibility and relevance by industry endorsement.
Terms & Conditions:
• Partnerships must be trans-national
• Depending on the type of the project, there will be an entry fee of €500 to
€1000 per project paid either by enterprises (in case B and C) or by designers
(case A)
• A grant of € 10,000 on average may be awarded to designers (case B and C) or
businesses (case A) for prototypes, design fees, travel etc.
To get more information on the project : [email protected]
22 ongoing partnerships, accepted in Rounds 1+2 by type of
partnership :
- designers led :
- manufacturers led :
- technology oriented :
22 ongoing partnerships, accepted in Rounds 1+2 by industry of
22 ongoing partnerships, accepted in Rounds 1+2 by countries involved
Last selection will close on
December 15th, 2014
Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested!
[email protected]
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