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IBM in Pakistan At a glance
IBM in Pakistan
Country fact sheet
At a glance
This section will provide a high-level overview of IBM’s presence in Pakistan.
IBM has been working in Pakistan for past 60 years (since 1952)
An expanding network of business channels in different locations of the country
Objective to strengthen various industries with advanced IT hardware equipments to software
IBM started its business in Pakistan’s market with its unique products of typewriter that was latest at
the time and then stepped up gradually its operation into mainstream businesses with ever
expanding and crucial role in IT industry and economy of the country.
IBM has three main offices in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore and operates in 35 different locations
IBM operates with four functional departments including Hardware, Software, Technology services
and consultancy arm, which is also called as Global Business Service.
Our businesses
This section will provide an overview of the industry segments that IBM caters to in
IBM in Pakistan has made its pivotal contribution to all areas including public and private sectors,
logistics and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). It has provided services to major
multinational and national banks, telecom giants, government’s organizations and armed forces.
The sectors IBM caters to in the country include banking and insurance, telecommunication and
broadband, healthcare and medicine, aviation and naval, oil and gas production, electricity, media
and broadcasting, manufacturing and trading companies. Wherever technology is involved, IBM’s
existence is indispensable.
Key milestones
 This section will mention the key achievements/milestones that IBM has achieved in
IBM revolutionized the modern cooperation by being the first company to introduce Personal
Computers, the Internet (through the IBM Global Network), hierarchical databases – (predecessor of
the current relational databases) country’s first easy-to-use mid range computer (IBM System 3x
series) and the first mainframe computer 1401 in Pakistan.
IBM Country Fact Sheet - Pakistan
IBM helped Pakistan’s Metrological Department with its unit record machines in the 1960s. We were
the first to help government establish Pakistan Computer Bureau and create their Data Centre in
1975. We set up an online reservation system for Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) in the 1980s.
Pakistan’s first online branch banking was supported by the IBM’s Tele-printer; the first ever
mainframe implemented within the education sector in 1980 belonged to IBM; the first Robotics
Tape Library was installed at LMKR by IBM and Sui Southern Gas Company’s outsourced bill printing
was accomplished through IBM’s first high speed printer in 2005.
Key local partnerships
 This section will mention key partnerships (if any) in Pakistan.
Pakistan’s model utility company
IBM and SSGC’s deep partnership, built on trust and innovation, ensures the company retains its
position as Pakistan’s model utility company.
Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) supplies nearly 350 million cubic feet of natural gas to 1.8 million
users. In 2004, the company’s Managing Director had a vision for SSGC to be the “model utility
company in Pakistan”. To achieve this vision, SSGC chose IBM as its technology partner.
With IBM as SSGC’s platform of choice, the company consolidated its billing to provide a centralised,
leading-edge billing system for customers. SSGC then set the precedent for Pakistan’s utility
companies when IBM helped them to implement managed bill printing for over 2 million
customer bills. These IBM solutions have helped the company to improve customer services,
increase collection, and secure additional revenue through adverts printed on bills. In 2006 SSGC
adopted IBM Business Continuity and Resiliency Services to achieve 99.9% uptime for the
business, increasing security and reducing the risk of an incident.
A long-standing commitment to smarter banking
Pakistan’s first commercial bank, Habib Bank Limited (HBL) was established in 1947. Over the years
HBL has grown its branch network to become the largest private sector bank. Today it has over
1,450 branches serving more than 5 million customers.
HBL and IBM have a longstanding relationship spanning more than 40 years, starting in 1970 when
HBL chose IBM as its technology partner and opted for IBM S/360 mainframe technology to
improve customer service and tracking. In 2000 HBL implemented a centralised infrastructure
on an IBM platform to integrate channels including ATMs, internet banking and point of sale; in
2003 HBL became the first bank in Pakistan to outsource disaster recovery services with IBM –
reducing cost and dramatically increasing security. In 2011 IBM implemented an enterprise
resource planning solution across the bank.
This powerful strategic partnership demonstrates both companies’ commitment to technological
innovation and customer service, setting the agenda for Pakistan’s banking and finance sector.
“HBL is proud of its association with one of the world’s leading companies. IBM, always at the
forefront of innovation, brings quality, enhanced customer satisfaction and cost-effective
services. Whenever we have called on IBM, they have never let us down.”
IBM Country Fact Sheet - Pakistan
NBP selects IBM for Business Continuity Services
IBM consolidated National Bank of Pakistan’s twelve regional centres into a centralised location, and
held all its information in one centralised server. With all the data in one environment, IBM
eased any risk through a disaster recovery setup. IBM also equipped the bank with an improved
processing capability to enable it to run its core banking and payment applications round the
Moving Information instead of People
In Pakistan, IBM has worked with the Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi to provide a level of care
normally lacking in remote locations. The solution offers healthcare consultation and education
via the internet as well as access to devices such as portable ultrasound, digital cameras and xray. The project, running since 2008, has been extended to six more locations across the country
thanks to personal donations from IBM employees.
Other Partnerships
Ufone’s Enterprise Service Bus infrastructure
With more than 20 million customers, Ufone chose an IBM IT solution to enable unmatched
performance, dynamic resource management, energy efficiency and scalability.
Transforming Faysal Bank
IBM is helping one of Pakistan’s leading private banks to consolidate its diverse IT environment and
establish a platform for major growth plans.
Supplying electricity to 2.1 million consumers
IBM is implementing a major transformation and expansion programme for Karachi Electric Supply
Corporation (KESC) built on SAP for utilities.
Pakistani International Airlines Corporation
An IBM IT infrastructure and technical support solution is helping PIAC to dramatically increase
productivity and improve customer services.
State Bank of Pakistan
IBM provided this regulatory body with a highly integrated data centre facility incorporating remote
management, critical security, energy efficiency and scalability.
Protecting Muslim Commercial Bank
IBM implemented a solution to protect MCB against money-laundering activities while ensuring the
bank meets regulatory compliance requirements.
Key initiatives
This section will provide an overview of IBM’s key initiatives in Pakistan.
IBM Business Continuity and Resiliency Services (BCRS) Centre
IBM Country Fact Sheet - Pakistan
Focusing on business continuity requirements for customers across Pakistan, this facility in Karachi
was set up in 2004 and was the first-of-its-kind in the Middle East and Pakistan region.
IBM Technical Exploration Centres
In 2007, IBM opened Technical Exploration Centres in Karachi and Islamabad to provide clients with
the opportunity to explore and review IBM networking solutions, technologies and products.
IBM Local Delivery Centre
Established in 2010, the IBM Local Delivery Centre is a sophisticated centre of competency providing
a full range of remote capabilities and high value industry expertise.
IBM Linux Competency Centre
Established in Rawalpindi, Pakistan in 2007, the IBM Linux Competency Centre aims to help
customers, students, developers and Business Partners in Pakistan to experience and test Linux
hands-on and to explore the benefits of open standards-based computing.
Corporate citizenship
IBM Pakistan promotes education and literacy through various projects at school level including
IBM’s KidSmart Program and Reading Companion.
The KidSmart Program includes the Young Explorer™, a computer housed in brightly-coloured, child
friendly Little Tikes™ furniture and equipped with award-winning educational software to help
children learn and explore concepts in maths, science and language. IBM has donated more than
70 Kidsmart machines to NGOs and education ministries across Pakistan including: Education
Ministry of Punjab and Sindh, The Citizen’s Foundation, Developments in Literacy (DIL), Care
Foundation, Behbud Association and Edhi Foundation.
Reading Companion, an IBM’s literacy initiative, was launched in Pakistan in 2011 in
partnership with DIL, a non-profit organization that educates and empowers
underprivileged students, especially girls. The goal of the Reading Companion grant program
is to help children and adults around the world to gain English literacy skills by using IBM’s
voice recognition technology over the web.
Disaster Response
Along with focusing on education, IBM in Pakistan has been active in supporting the
community when the region is struck by natural disasters. Following both the recent
catastrophes – the earthquake disaster in October 2005 and severe floods in 2010 and 2011
– IBM sprang immediately to action.
Relief contribution consisted of arranging Training Workshops teaching aid workers how to
manage Trauma, cash and equipment donations (including laptops, server hardware, Young
Explorer units for children ages 4-10 in rehabilitation centers, and open-source disaster
management software. Recipients include the Earthquake Relief Commission, NADRA, the
IBM Country Fact Sheet - Pakistan
Red Crescent Society, Rescue 1122 and Social Welfare and Special Education (SWSE)
Ministry, HOPE and Save the Children amongst many others.
Volunteer Work
IBMers in Pakistan volunteer their time and skills to help to help others and make a
difference to their local schools, not-for-profit organisations and charities. These volunteers
work in a variety of ways, from spending time with school going children to mentoring small
business owners. IBM’s focus is on providing leading-edge technology solutions to add value
and impact to volunteer work.
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IBM Country Fact Sheet - Pakistan
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