Laboratory Safety

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Laboratory Safety
Laboratory Safety
The Basics
Always think about what you are doing.
 Follow directions.
 Ask questions when you don’t understand
something. Don’t assume.
 Keep food, drink, and gum out of the lab.
 Keep areas clean and neat.
 Know the safety equipment.
The Proper Attire
Wear long pants and closed-toe shoes.
 Wear goggles.
 Tie back long hair.
Safety Shower and Eye Wash
Only teachers should operate the safety
shower and eye wash station.
 Always tell me if there is any injury, no
matter how minor.
 Use the safety shower and eye wash
station for at least 20 minutes for chemical
splashes and spills.
Handle all chemicals with care.
 Never taste chemicals.
 Check labels.
 Do not return unused chemicals.
 Transport chemicals carefully and only
when necessary.
If your glassware breaks, let me know and
I will clean it up.
 Check glassware for chips and cracks
before using it.
 Do not immediately cool glassware that
has been heated.
Make sure to light burners when the gas is
 Do not leave lit burners unattended.
 Be careful with long hair and loose
clothing around burners.
 Use tongs to remove heated glassware.
Greta goes to the fume hood to get the
solutions for the lab. She picks up an
unlabeled bottle and pours 10 ml of it into
a beaker. She then adds 10 ml of a
labeled solution. She walks back to her lab
station, puts on her goggles, and begins
heating up her solution. After she finishes
heating the solution, she places the
beaker directly on the cold lab bench.
In groups of two to three, write four
laboratory scenarios.
 Each lab scenario should include four safe
practices and four unsafe practices.
Please vary them.
 Write five questions, short answer or
multiple choice, about laboratory safety.
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