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Thomas Woznicki Sworn Testimony (Woznicki vs. Northern Ozaukee S.D.)

This document appears to contain selected portions of the “audio transcription” from some type of “formal hearing” associated with the case of Thomas Woznicki vs. Northern Ozaukee School District, including selected portions of Thomas Woznicki’s testimony (pages 30-46). The text on page 30 appears to suggest that Mr. Woznicki’s statements during the hearing were made under oath. He apparently agreed to tell “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” during the hearing. Note the testimony regarding Thomas Woznicki’s middle name change on pages 7-9, 24-26, 31-33, and 36-37. Also note Mr. Woznicki’s testimony on pages 40-46, which appears to include references to litigation associated with his personnel file from the New Richmond, Wisconsin school district. Pages 12 and 35 appear to contain testimony regarding Thomas Woznicki’s marriage.
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