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Diapositiva 1 - Site de l`académie de Grenoble
L'acqua è vita
Acqua siamo noi
dalle antiche sorgenti veniamo,
fiumi siamo noi
se i ruscelli si danno una mano,
acqua siamo noi
se i torrenti si mettono insieme,
vita nuova c'è
se l'acqua è in mezzo a noi.
Canto popolare
Water is life
We are water
We come from the
ancient sources
We are rivers
If streams shake their
We are water
If the streems come
There is new life
If the water is amids us
Water in the Earth
About 70% of Earth is covered with
Most of the water is in
the oceans and seas.
All the water in the
oceans and seas is salt
About 3% of the water on
Earth is fresh water.
Most of this fresh water is frozen in glaciers or polar caps.
Some fresh water is in lakes and rivers, some is in the sky,
some is in the soil.
Only about 1% is fresh water that we can drink.
Imagine that water on Earth is like a bath, only a spoon
is drinkable.
Water distribution
Some countries have lots of fresh water.
Others don't have enough.
 Women and girls walk many
kilometres a day to collect water;
 About 10 million people in the world
die every year because they don't
have clean drinking water.
 There isn’t sanitation;
 Many deseases depends
on dirty water;
Water is fundamental for
life and health
We use lots of water every day.
It is very precious.
We drink water.
We need water for the food we eat.
We use a lot of water at home for
• We use water to produce energy, to
• to have fun.
Water in human activities
We use the most of water in agricolture and
in industrial activity.
• U.N. found that water distribution is a
very serius problem in the world.
 United Nation Commitee says that
• The human right to water is indispensable
for leading a healthy life in human dignity;
United Nation Commitee wants to create
-Water supply and basic sanitation
-Money helping funds for the countries without water
If we reach these goals
it will be possible to:
-Reduce child mortality;
- Reduce women’s work;
It will be possible
- prevent many
- water vegetable
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Dossier III
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 http://www.europa.eu
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Water distribution on Hearth
 Class III B worked on the topic in
Geography, Science and English.
 In groups of four they found out
information, surfed the Internet.
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