Chistmas is the most loved holiday of the years. Adults and children

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Chistmas is the most loved holiday of the years. Adults and children
Chistmas is the most loved holiday of the years.
Adults and children look forward to Chistmas
and it’s magical atmosphere.
It is traditional to decorate the houses
and the Cristmas tree and
the nativity play
on the 8th of december.
On Chistmas day all the families get together to unwrap the presents and
play indoor games.
In Italy we like playing card games such as “seven and half”.
A games where rach player gets a card and has to ask for more cards to
get up toseven and half without game over it.
We also like playing society
games,like the game of duckline,
monopoly; but the most popular
and loved is the tombola
In this game rach player can buy one or more cards rach
one contains fifteen numbers from one to ninety.The money
from the sale of these cards is split in to five groups and used
as prizes
One of the players has to plek
one number at a time from a small bag and can it out.
At this the player cover up the numbers extracted and
when they get two or more o the same line they get the
money allocated for two,three,four or five numbers
The game is over of the players covers up all of
the numbers on their card and wins all of the
For you…one poetry of Christmas:
one bridge between the hearts
Manca un ponte tra i cuori
fra i cuori degli uomini lontani,
fra i cuori vicini,
fra i cuori delle genti,
che vivono sui monti e sui piani
di tutti i continenti.
Se questo ponte ci fosse,
gli uomini si scambierebbero i segreti,
i motivi lieti,
il sorriso e il perdono.
Darebbero l’uno all’altro
e come per incanto
la confidenza della pena,
tornerebbe serena
la fronte dopo il pianto.
Eppure l’uomo non sa innalzare
questa passerella d’amore:
manca lo slancio del cuore!
Aiutalo tu fanciullo;
costruiscci on le tue mani,
senza travi,
questo grande lavoro
questo ponte d’oro
in cui un mar di luce:
il ponte che conduce
da Oriente ad Occidente
e da Occidente ad Oriente
una sola gente.
For we
the bridge between the hearts
is to do charity and not to be egoist
but to be near to all the others.
Merry Christmas and happy new year
the children and the teacher
of IV a/b/c
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