Evento didattico sul mondo del vino.

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Evento didattico sul mondo del vino.
Un po’ di storia
Laboratorio Gufram®
Italian design:
More emotions, let’s do it again!
On the threshold of the third millennium Gufram,
one of the most iconic brands of the twentieth
century, is now ready to make a come-back!
A bit of history
Since its foundation in the seventies, Gufram has always been among the
companies– and still is today – that foster Italy’s international success in
the world of home furniture, and represent the excellence of “Made-inItaly” products ; Guffram interpreted and witnessed such a unique and
dynamic period with a collection called “Multipli”.
The brand was founded by a group within an artisanal company that had
already been active since 1952 in the surroundings of Turin. At the end of
the ’60ies the company understood that a cultural revolution was under way
in the world of architecture and design; it adhered to the movement and
asked a group of Italian artists and designers –most of whom were
unknown at the time- to take part in a research that encompassed ideas,
forms, materials and contents. It may be by accident that it created iconic
products - the Multipli collection – that are half way between design objects
and works of art, yet one thing is sure: their contribution to the history of
design and its aesthetic evolution is highly important and they have an
important role in the international panorama of furniture. They also happen
to meet the technical requirements of reproducibility; and therefore they
can be seen both in the collections of the world’s most important museums
and in peoples’ homes in the four corners of the world.
Pratone 1971 – Gufram’s historic archive
Cactus 1972– Gufram’s historic archive
Sassi collection 1968 – Gufram’s historic archive
Bocca 1972 – Gufram’s historic archive
Gufram today
Gufram’s challenge today is find a way to confront with
its precious heritage without succumbing to it. Having
left the Poltrona Frau Group, it is now free express its
soul again by making products that are more akin to its
personality and heritage, and thanks to its ownership
the brand has gained its nature back.
The challenge raised this time is to update Gufram’s
values –together with its contents, production and
design modalities- and to give the brand the possibility
to operate in a context that has a lot in common with
its most florid period.
Gufram renews its collection and
presents a re-edition of its iconic
Cactus at the Salone del Mobile
Drocco and Mello. The new
Cactus, acid green with ends
shading off into orange, conceals
an original story: having survived
years of blistering sun in the
desert, the cactus changed colour.
Stand Gufram - Salone del Mobile 2012
Stand Gufram - Salone del Mobile 2012
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