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In Puglia there are a lot of famous people. We remember:
Al Bano, stage name of Albano
Carrisi (Cellino San Marco, May 20,
1943), is a singer and producer of
Italian wine.
Caparezza, stage name of Michele Salvemini
(Molfetta, October 9, 1973), is an Italian
singer-songwriter and rapper.
Lino Banfi, stage name of Pasquale
Zagaria (Andria, July 9, 1936), is an
actor, comedian, television presenter,
screenwriter, writer, voice actor and
UNICEF ambassador Italian
Lunetta Savino (Bari, 2 novembre 1957) è
un'attrice italiana
Emma Marrone, stage
name of Emmanuela
Brown, and sometimes
known simply as Emma
(Florence, May 25, 1984), is
an Italian singer.
Alessandra Amoroso (Galatina,
August 12, 1986) is an Italian singer
Checco Zalone, as Luca Pasquale Doctors (Bari,
June 3, 1977), is a comedian, comedian,
musician, songwriter, actor and impersonator
Antonio Cassano (Bari, July
12, 1982) is an Italian
football striker Milan and
the Italian national team.
In Puglia there are a lot of events and
occasions. For example in Torremaggiore
the first Sunday of June we celebrate our
patron: Saint Sabino and in other days we
celebrate usual italian’s festivals. In our
special days we invite famous artists in
our town, we prepare the fires d 'artifice
and we eat our traditional foods.
Tipical foods in Puglia are:cheeses, vegetables, wine, oil, and lots of fish. Usual traditional foods
In Salento clothing men (almost always with
his face shaved) consisted of shorts and tight,
her legs covered with colorful stockings; the
bodice and short jacket were edged by a black
ribbon. The Phrygian cap on his head had
cone-shaped with the tip bent on 'right ear.
The color of the dress was always blue, while
the fabric could be wool or cotton.
The women had a long robe, close by a belt
which hung a small fabric bag. The skirt, with a
number of large folds, was going to join the
fitted bodice; the hair was gathered behind
the neck and divided by a scrima straight. On
their heads were also a handkerchief, which
was dark for older, colored to the youngest.
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