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Giuseppe Garibaldi - stgeorges
A brief excursus of the hero
 1. Who was this hero?
 Link : “Risorgimento”
 2. The expedition of the thousand
 Link: (more) expedition of the thousand
 3.150 years of the Italian unification
 4.conclusion
 Giuseppe Garibaldi (Nizza, 4 luglio 1807 – Caprera, 2
(giugno 1882) has been called “Hero of Two Worlds”
because of his ventures in both South America and
In Italy, he was a central figure in the “Risorgimento(?)”, since he
personally commanded and fought in many military
expeditions that led eventually to the formation of unified Italy,
although he wasn’t really a revolutionary.
 In 1860 Giuseppe Garibaldi led a voyage starting
from “spiggia di quarto”, (in Liguria), unloading
on may 11th in Sicily, close to Marsala conquering
“Regno delle due Sicilie” allowing the join of Italy;
called “expedition of the thousand”. Of a
thousand men.
The day, Giuseppe Garibaldi and his army of one
thousand left by ship to liberate Sicily and the rest of
southern Italy from Spain is still celebrated today as
“150 years of the Italian unification”
 In 1882 he unfortunately died although he
influenced many people and is still a well known
figure for is courage and creating “the thousand”
 By Alice Cotti
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