University of Rome “Tor Vergata” Why Tor Vergata?

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University of Rome “Tor Vergata” Why Tor Vergata?
University of Rome “Tor Vergata”
The University of
Rome Tor Vergata is a
established in 1981.
Located in the SouthEastern
Rome, it spreads over a
More than 40.000
students are currently
studying in its 6
faculties: Humanities,
Medicine, Engineering,
Sciences, Economics
and Law. Tor Vergata
is well-known as the
“second” university in
the city of Rome.
All over the years the University has gained an even more professional and successful fame, its
projects of research, its graduated students and its frameworks are the examples of how our reality
is nowadays clearly widespread and set both in national and international context, reaching the high
positions in several ranking list for quality.
Since its foundation, the aim of the University of Tor Vergata has been to create a "new" university
with vast open-air and indoor areas, good students/teacher relations, where students have the
opportunity to study in lecture theatres, consult libraries, take advantage of the laboratories
available in each faculty or simply socialise in one of the meeting places designated to this purpose.
In the Italian panorama of Italian Universities, the University of Tor Vergata wishes to be
distinguished as a residential university in which professors and students alike live in close
contacting an environment that is stimulating for all.
Conferences and official ceremonies host in the University are the confirmations of our institution,
the academic staff has continuously bilateral collaboration agreements with renowned universities
around the world, 1789 foreign students have been enrolled in the last year in our University and the
number of Italian students involved in international exchange programs is still increasing.
The University of Rome Tor Vergata is also one of the largest research-based institutions in Italy
and an international centre for research and education well known for the scientific studies.
In the last years the activity of technology transfer and cooperation with other public and private
organizations has obtained an increasingly important role. The University Hospital is considered a
flagship of the University and it’s well equipped with diagnostic and therapeutic vanguard
Tor Vergata University has centres of excellence in genomic risk assessment in multifactorial and
complex diseases, Mathematics – “1° Center of Excellence” in Europe, Nanotechnologies, Energy –
Third Generation Photovoltaic, New Technologies for Energy efficiency, Biotechnologies.
Moreover, it offers many extra-curricular activities to broaden the students' learning horizons. A
good balance between the scientific and the humanistic faculties makes academic relations
extremely fruitful and stimulating.
Why Tor Vergata?
Because we will do our best to make your stay be great!
Moreover the University of Tor Vergata offers more than 100 degree courses among 6 scientific
areas ( Economics, Engineering, Humanities, Law, Medicine and Science). Moreover it offers
courses taught in English:
Engineering (B.S.
Medicine (Single Cycle Degree in Medicine and Surgery, M.Sc. in Physical Activities and Health
Science www.scienze.uniroma2.it
Website of the University
Contact person for the project
Marina Tesauro, Head of the International Relations Office
e-mail: [email protected]
Languages of study programmes
English and Italian
The following courses are completely held in English
Engineering Sciences Undergraduate Courses (three years)
Mathematical Engineering (Two-year Master degree courses)
Pharmacy (Single Cycle Degree)
Physical activity and health (Two-year Master degree courses)
Information for exchange international students
The International Relations Office helps international students with pre-arrival and arrival
procedures (visa, accommodation, residence permit, etc)
Students can apply for a room in the University Residence Campus X
Moreover, the student association Erasmus in Campus organizes travels and events for international
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