Per Cominciare Primi Secondi From the chef Olio

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Per Cominciare Primi Secondi From the chef Olio
Per Cominciare
Antipasti Freddi
Insalata di burrata con bresaola
Burrata/ tomato carpaccio/ bresaola/ fresh basil/drizzled with Partanna Olive
Oil - 16 (for two)
Tagliere di Salumi e Formaggi
Chopping board of Italian cold cuts and cheeses including: Speck della
Valtellina,salame di Napoli, mortadella di Bologna, Taleggio cheese with
marinated artichokes, cerignola & sicilian olives and giardinera (for two) -18
PepeNero di Mare
Spanish Octopus/ little neck clams/ blue mussels/ gamberetti/ house marinated
artichokes/ celery/ marinated cerignola & Passuluna olives/ capers (for two) 20.00
Zuppe & Insalate
Zuppa del giorno
Soup of the day made in house (ask your waiter)
Insalata Capricciosa Profumata con Aceto Balsamico
Organic mixed baby greens/red radishes/ cherry tomatoes/ Gorgonzola cheese /
chef’s vinaigrette 7.5
Insalata di arugula e arance
Organic arugula/orange slices/uvette (golden raisins)/ sicilian olives/ black
pepper - 9
(dry artisan pasta from Italy)
Pappardelle con Funghi e Taleggio
Large, very broad, flat pasta /Porcini & Crimini mushrooms/Gran Padano parmigiano/
Shetler’s cream- 16
Spaghettini nero di seppia
Long, very thin solid pasta/ cuttlefish ink/ blue mussels/ calamari - 18
Gnocchi di patate con sugo di spuntature di maiale
House made potato gnocchi/slow-cooked pork ribs sauce/ pulled baby back
pork/ Shetler’s creazm/ shaved Gran Padano -19
Spaghettini -long, very thin solid pasta/ tomatoes/ kalamata olives/capers/ fresh
garlic/ anchovies- 16
Vitello alla Trapanese
Boneless top loin veal scallopine sautéed with mushrooms/ pine nuts/ raisins/Marsala wine/
served with sautéed organic vegetables -34
Petto di Pollo con Salsa di Capperi, Carciofi e Limoni
Organic chicken breast / cappers, artichoke and lemon sauce/ served with sautéed organic
vegetable - 18
Spiedini Don Ciccio
Top Sirloin thinly pounded stuffed with Crumbed bread/ fresh tomato sauce/ pine nuts/ speck
della Valtellina /mozzarella /raisins / served with Luganega Sausage on a bed of sautéed organic
vegetables - 26.50
Filetto Black Angus al Pepe Verde e Fighi
All Natural Black Angus Fillet served medium-rare/ Green Peppercorn/ / Black Mission Figs/
Nebbiolo reduction/ sautéed organic vegetables - 42
We source our fresh seafood using nearly all wild fish.We take sustainable fishing practices seriously,
and purchase top quality seafood products.
Guazzetto Alla Palermitana
Sicilian Sea Food Stew - Little Neck Clams, Blue Mussels, Tiger Shrimps, Diver Scallops /seasoned with fresh cherry tomatoes, crushed red pepper, garlic, white wine - 24
Pesce Del Giorno (upon availability)
Monday - Saturday: 11:00 am - 2:00pm
Monday - Thursday: 5:00pm - 9:00pm
Friday - Saturday: 5:00pm - 10:00pm
Fresh Fish of the day prepared by our chef. Market price (ask your waiter)
Partanna -Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Our Olive Oil is produced by the Asaro Brothers Company in Partanna, Sicily; this oil is a first
cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil and it is an early harvest (October), single-olive varietal
(Nocellara del Belice), undecanted oil.
It’s flavor is referred to as “pizzicante”, an Italian phrase used to describe the strong flavor “that
tickles the back of the throat”. - 15.00 (17 oz); 2 (table serving)
From the chef
800 Cottageview Dr.
(The Village at Grand Traverse Commons)
231 929 1960
Welcome to PepeNero!!! ...where we make a point to give you a realistic taste and feel of the beautiful
Italian cuisine and culture.
In true Italian style, dishes are made with only the freshest and highest quality ingredients available.
We source produce from area farmers (like basil, aromatic herbs, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, milk and
not only). Combined with the finest imported ingredients from Italy - pine nuts, extra virgin olive oil,
traditional cheeses and meats, PepeNero does not just approximate the cuisine of Italy, it’s the real thing.
Our menu is filled with regional Italzian dishes (with an emphasize on Sicily) - that have been prepared
that way for generations. So, out of respect for Italian gastronomy - and our grandparents - we maintain
a no modification policy. Our goal is to give you a distinctly Italian experience. Even though you’re not in
Italy (and probably not even Italian!) we work tirelessly to make you feel that way.
It is with this simple thought in mind that we invite you to join us to celebrate and be a part of our
Benvenuti & Buon Appetito!
Your Chef:
Please advise your server of any food allergies prior to ordering. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase
your risk of food borne illness.
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