slaves New Sacristy, Laurentian Library - ISIS Gobetti

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slaves New Sacristy, Laurentian Library - ISIS Gobetti
Michelangelo 1475-1564
• Born in Caprese near Arezzo, today Caprese
• 1488 apprenticed to Domenico del
Ghirlandaio for 3 years
• 1489-1490 continued his studies in the
Medici garden museum, near San Marco
• Became friend of Lorenzo de’ Medici
1492 - 1505
• 8th April 1492 death of Lorenzo,
Michelangelo returns home
• Later was asked by Lorenzo’s elder son,
Piero, to live in Casa de’ Medici and work
for him
• 1494 left for Venice and Bologna
• Piero was expelled from Florence
• 1495 went back to Florence
• 1496 – 1501 Rome under the patronage of
Cardinal Riario
• 1497 – went to Carrara for the first time to quarry
marble for the Pieta’
• 1501- returned to Florence now a Republic
• Piccolomini commissions statues for altar of
Siena’s cathedral
• Commissioned by Pope Julius II, 12 statues of
Apostles for S.M. del Fiore
1505 – 1520
• 1505-8 Summoned to Rome by Julius II and
commissioned to build his tomb.
• Julius then commissioned him to paint the vault of
the Sistine Chapel (unveiled 1512)
• 1512 – The Medici return to Florence
• 1513 – Leo X (second son of Lorenzo) becomes
• Contract from Pope for facade of San Lorenzo and
again for Julius II tomb
• 1520 Plans for the Medici Chapels/ New Sacristy
1521 - 1530
• Leo X dies in 1521 and is succeeded by Clement
VII, Giuliano’s son, in 1523
• M works on Medici tombs, New sacristy,
Laurentian library
• 1527-29 –Sack of Rome by Imperial troops
• Medici expelled from Florence
• Michelangelo elected to the Nove della Militizia
and governor of the fortifications
• 1530 – capitulation of Republic. M pardoned by
Pope Clement VII
Masterpieces of this period
• David (symbol of young Florentine Republic)
• Tondo Doni, now in the Uffizi
• Cartoon for the Battle of Cascina in competition
with Leonardo in the salone de’ Cinquecento,
Palazzo Vecchio (Never found)
• 4 Florentine slaves
• New Sacristy, Laurentian Library with staircase
• 1534 – went to live in Rome for good
• 1535 appointed chief sculptor, painter and
architect of Pope Paul III, protagonist of
the Counter-reformation
• 1536 - 1541 painted Last Judgement
• Worked as chief architect of St. Peter’s and
on the Rondanini Pietà
• Died in 1564
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