- Yoga Place, Puglia La Rosa dei 4 Venti Food Phisolophy

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- Yoga Place, Puglia La Rosa dei 4 Venti Food Phisolophy
Rosa dei 4 Venti - Yoga Place, Puglia
uietness, Peace, Nature, Liberty, Yoga, Sharing,
Heart, Love: these are the key concepts to convey
the spirit of La Rosa dei 4 Venti, yoga place, set by
the countryside at about 5.6 miles from Martina Franca, in
Apulia, the place is immersed in the splendid nature of Valle
d’Itria. La Rosa dei 4 Venti is located on a hill at about 10
yards of height, halfway between Adriatic and Ionic sea, a
place that is totally immersed in peace and quietness.
It’s an ancient 17th century “Masseria” (farmhouse),
recently restored and renovated by keeping its original
structure intact, thus meaning to convey a good perception
of space and time absence and better awareness of the
present, here, now.
Food Phisolophy
ur cuisine is vegetarian, with products from our
kitchen garden, gluten free and no diary. We use
Kamut flour, spelt, buckwheat. We only use fresh
local products(goat cheese, eggs, milk).
It's a cuisine made of several different Italian dishes, tasteful
and sane, studied according to each season (seasonal fruits
and vegetable only) and to the natural cycle of out body by
respecting its alkalinity.
Rosa dei 4 Venti - Yoga Place, Puglia
La Rosa dei 4 Venti - Yoga Place, Puglia
s of four years ago, a small community of people
gathers here in order to opt deeply for a life made of
sharing, far from traditional systems and life schemes:
a merge arising from the awareness for the importance of life
as spent together with others, based on freedom, heart, love
and yoga as a discipline and a lifestyle, a chance for merging
one’s inner universe and the others. La Rosa dei 4 Venti has
organized yoga retirements in Italy and the world for several
years, as well as meetings pertaining to the spiritual sphere.
100 mq, 30 people capacity, hard wood floor, heating system, mats, bolsters,
pillows, blocks, straps, P.A. system, mixer and microphone headset, Ipod and
Iphone connection, big screen and DVD player available
La Rosa dei 4 Venti - Yoga Place, Puglia
La Rosa dei 4 Venti
Associazione Culturale Santa Maria del Sole
Via Monti del Duca 302, 74015 Martina Franca, Taranto, Italy - Tel/fax 080.4490224
email: [email protected] - skype: associazionesmds - www.larosadei4venti.org
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