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(Children 9/13 Yare)
Gianpietro Scalia
Ana Burgos Baena
Brevissima storia di una Bambina e di una
gatta che volevano vivere aggrappate alla luna
Original publisher: Edizioni Angolo Manzoni
pp. 222 - iil. col.
Rights sold: Available all language, except Italian
Short tale of a girl and her cat who wanted to hang to the moon
Finalist at the Cento literary award 2010
A little girl in a hospital room with a view of the moon tries to cope with life:
doctors, her father, two rivals in love, Erik the puppeteer, the beautiful nurse
Sasha, and an anemic cat as a companion of adventure....
Dealing with the topic of sickness in a delicate and nonviolent way, this book is a
modern fairytale that parents can read with their children to discuss very important
Gianpietro Scalia is a doctor who lives and works in Piacenza. Passionate about literature and computers,
he has always written to exorcize indifference.
Ana Burgos Baena is an illustrator of children’s books and nursery school assistant who lives and works in
Granada. She is an avid reader, especially of comics, but her real passion is “submerging herself” in her
watercolors. Her work has appeared in many exhibits and she has illustrated numerous books.
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