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100 years of history, fragrant with spice and tradition, quality and
love for the region.
“We want to draw upon our history that tells of men who, with their passion
and experience, have made Italian ham famous, to consistently offer our
consumers the best possible product, with ongoing respect for the value of
tradition and the ethic of innovation”.
These are the guiding principles of King's mission, the company that for 100 years (it was
established in 1907), has been the synonym of quality ham.
The story of King's has its roots in the beginning of the last century, when a Venetian pork
butcher, Luigi Muraro, moved to Sossano, a small village near Vicenza. In this area,
renowned for its salubrious air and mild climate since the Roman times, a small family
business started its activity and became in a few years an important food company.
It was, however, Edward VIII who first gave the royal seal of approval to the exquisite taste
of the product. During one of his trips to Italy he fell so in love with the ham that he took
it back with him to England. It was in his honour that the ham of Sossano adopted the
name of King's in 1947. It is from this illustrious recognition that the history of King's
begins; the product sealed within the famous wicker basket that not only envelopes a
product of excellence, but encapsulates a culture of inestimable value.
What makes King's so special? First of all the region. Production is based between S.
Daniele del Friuli and Sossano, areas that from ancient times have been noted for
their distinctive climate that enhances the aging of the product. Then there is
experience, a patrimony of inestimable value that consists of traditional recipes and
unique methods, a veritable “culture of ham” that embellishes skilfully selected raw
materials. Finally, innovation. It is only its profound understanding of the value of
tradition that enables King’s to offer a leading range of innovative and ready to
cut products.
1999 was a turning point for the company. It was then that the Vicenza-based company
broke away from Nestlé (after its acquisition in 1988) and returned into Italian hands as
part of the Dukcevich family’s KIPRE Holding. From this point onwards, production
increased significantly with the company, however, remaining faithful to the guiding
principles of success: the very highest quality products, attentive selection of raw
materials and the harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation.
Today the factories in Sossano (in the province of Vicenza) and San Daniele del Friuli
(in the province of Udine), with more than 100 employees, have an annual output of
around 700,000 units and a declared turnover of 46 million Euros.
Turnover has developed equally in the two areas of modern and normal trade, with
King’s as a real point of reference for sector professionals. Particular attention has been
devoted to normal trade that is the focus of the King's Prosciutteria project. The
Prosciutteria insignia recognises the best specialist businesses in the sector. This
initiative represents a real partnership between the company and points of sale with the
aim of safeguarding the “culture of ham”, and guaranteeing consumers a superior range
created with a carefully selected meat that is meticulously monitored throughout each
processing phase.
King’s is one of the leading players in the processing and production of high quality
hams that over the years has also managed to diversify, to satisfy the needs of
modern consumers.
King's products: testimony to excellence
The range extends from the most traditional, flagship products such as S. Daniele DOP
or Prosciutto di Parma DOP to specialty products such as Val Liona (in the process
of being approved for IGP denomination), the only ham from the Val Liona that
King's produces and guarantees as original.
The range includes many other products that reflect the harmonious fusion between
the ancient culture of regional traditions and innovative interpretations to satisfy the
demands of today’s market. Here we have hams such as: the Snocciolato and the
SbucciatelIo, with a high percentage of lean meat and ease of cutting; the now
renowned broad-sliced Granspeck, made from pig’s leg with the entire rump or the
exquisite culatello known as the Rebello.
Finally there are the “Delizie Cotte” that include the GranPrestigio, Rondo and
RePraga, "classic" or smoked cooked hams that stand out not only for their
superior quality and taste but also because they have been granted the “crossed
out ear of wheat”, a mark of conformity developed by AIE (Italian Association of
The crossed out ear of wheat – conferred after numerous controls of raw materials,
production processes, work sites, equipment and factories – is displayed on all of these
products and represents a guarantee of taste, tradition and quality for those who are
inflicted with this disease.
Finally, King’s quality is certified quality. In this respect the traceability of the
entire production process of, for example, Prosciutto S.Daniele, is monitored and
certified to guarantee conformity with strict legal requirements, with the branded
Consortium mark a further guarantee of quality.
King’s is also certified ISO 9001 and for some time has applied methods of internal
control and risk analysis as well as monitoring of critical points (HACCP). All of our
finished products as well as our raw materials and production sites are subject to
rotation and analytical checks in internal laboratories in accordance with a program
that has been developed and agreed with the Veterinary Service.
"Prosciutteria" King's: a special place to taste unique products
King’s has developed the exclusive "Prosciutteria" project to bring to its
customers the very best of its great wealth of quality and tradition. Through the
"Prosciutteria", King's has chosen to share its product excellence and develop
partnerships with a selection of the very best specialist businesses in the sector.
These outlets are more than just shops selling the product. The Prosciutteria are
special points of sale to transmit the “culture of ham” based on quality, respect for
traditions and dedication to the art of ham making. Veritable “flavour workshops” where
one can taste, be advised and experience new tastes, all of the very highest quality.
The Prosciutteria are also differentiated by their exclusive and refined image. The sign,
the outfits of the merchants, the flavour-seal bags, the knives and all the other aspects of
these shops are all representations of the refined image created to express in an original
and distinctive way the exclusive quality of its products.
The "Prosciutteria" players
The product choice, each with its own special style, is extensive. The Prosciutteria range
includes traditional classics such as the San Daniele DOP and the Parma DOP. Then
there is the sweet, aromatic, fragrant and unforgettable Val Liona for which King’s is
the sole Italian producer. Also featured are the culatello Rebello and the Original
1907, an exceptionally high quality ham using only pigs from farms that pay
meticulous attention to the care and the diet of their animals. Then there is the
Affumicato dei Colli, the ham that embodies traditional regional traditions with its
unique and delicate lightly smoked taste. Finally there is the range that combines the
ancient culture of regional gastronomy and modern production techniques. These include
the Granspeck, the famous broad-sliced speck made from pig’s leg with the entire rump
and the Snocciolato, a raw boned ham, the expression of skilled and meticulous
The Prosciutteria offers the opportunity to sample new high quality products from an
untouched and culturally rich region, a special place where traditional foods embody
culture, the pleasure and celebration of life.
Corporate name
King's S.p.A
Marketing Department and Management
King's Via Rio 71, Sossano (VI)
Sossano (VI) - Via Rio, 71
San Daniele del Friuli (UD) Via S.
And rat, 22
Sales 2006
5000 tonnes/800,000
Turnover 2006
46 million
Sales Outlets
Modern and normal trade
Managing Director
Vladimir Dukcevich
Marketing Director
Giuseppe Artuso
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