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Nome: Potenziamento
Classe: Data:
Thanks for all your
emails about where
you live and go to
school. Here are
our two favourites.
Jake Porter, Canada
y family moved to Cambridge Bay from
Toronto in May this year because of my
dad’s job. We’re going to stay here for two years.
Cambridge Bay is near the sea. It’s on Victoria
Island, in the north of Canada. The town is very
different to Toronto – there aren’t any trees
because it’s very cold.
I go to Kiilinik High School in the centre of
town and 80 % of the students at my school are
Inuit. The Inuit are the native people of northern
Canada. They’re really kind and happy people
and they speak English and Inuinnaqtun. All our
lessons at school are in English, but I want to
learn their native language. It won’t be easy, but
I’m going to have extra lessons after school.
The summer is great in Cambridge Bay. There
are flowers everywhere and thousands of big
animals called caribou visit the island. But the
most amazing thing about the summer is the
midnight sun. Between May and July you can see
the sun 24 hours a day! But in the winter it’s going
to be really cold and dark. I think my first winter
here will be fun because I enjoy skiing. If there
isn’t a blizzard, I’ll ski to school!
midnight mezzanotte
a part of una parte della
GCE examsGeneral Certificate of Education:
esame sostenuto in genere
a 16 anni
marine biologist biologo marino
coral reef
barriera corallina
snorkelling (nuoto con il respiratore)
Albert Para, Belize
’m fifteen years old and I live in Belize City. It’s
the only English-speaking country in Central
America – it was a part of Britain before it became
independent in 1981. Belize City was the capital of
Belize, but in 1961 there was a terrible hurricane.
After the hurricane, they built a new capital city in
I go to St John’s High School. It’s a famous boys’
school in Belize and it’s very big. I’m going to
study really hard this year, because we’re going to
take GCE exams at the end of the year.
My favourite school subjects are Biology
and Chemistry. One day I hope to be a marine
biologist. Belize is a great place for marine
biologists. It’s got the second biggest coral reef in
the world. I spend most of my weekends at the
beach and I really like snorkelling. Next year I’m
going to be sixteen and then I’m going to learn to
dive. It will be fantastic!
1 Leggi le informazioni nel brano e trova…
1 a big animal
2 a capital city
3 a language
4 a natural disaster
2 Tutte queste frasi sono false. Rileggi il brano e correggile.
1 Jake was born in Cambridge Bay.
2 Caribou live on Victoria Island all year.
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3 Cambridge Bay is near a lake in the south of Canada.
4 Between April and June, you can see the sun for 20 hours a day.
5 Belize is the only Portuguese-speaking country in South America.
6 There was an earthquake in Belize City in 1961.
7 St John’s is a small school for girls.
8 Albert wants to be a teacher.
3 Rispondi alle domande.
1 Why aren’t there any trees in Cambridge Bay?
2 Who are the native people of northern Canada?
3 What grows in Cambridge Bay in the summer?
4 Why does Jake think the winter will be fun?
5 Where is Belize?
6 When did it become an independent country?
7 What are Albert’s favourite subjects?
8 Why is Belize a great place for marine biologists?
Focus on you
4 Rispondi alle domande in modo personale.
1 Would you like to live in a different place for two years? (Why / Why not?)
2 Who lives in a nicer place, Jake or Albert? Why?
3 What place in the English-speaking world would you like to visit? Why?
5 Scrivi le domande per completare il dialogo.
You 1
Holly I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. The Maori people call it Otautahi.
You 2
Holly The Maori are the native people of New Zealand. They speak English and Maori.
You 3
Holly Yes, I can, but I can’t speak it well. I’m going to have extra lessons next year. We all
have to learn Maori at school.
You 4
Holly No, the capital of New Zealand is Wellington. But Christchurch and Auckland are
both bigger than Wellington.
You 5
Holly It’s quite warm in the summer, but it isn’t hot like Italy. It’s usually about 20° C.
You 6
Holly No, it isn’t very cold. It’s between 5 – 10° C in winter, but sometimes it’s colder. It
snows once or twice every year.
You 7
Holly Yes, I love living there. It’s a great city.
You 8
You I don’t know what I want to do in the future. Maybe I’ll be an engineer, like my mum.
6 Scrivi un breve paragrafo. Usa le domande come aiuto.
1 What’s the weather like in your town?
2 What do you like about your town?
3 What do you think of your school?
4 What do you want to do in the future?
7 Scrivi un brano (75 – 100 parole) sul luogo in cui vivi, la tua scuola e i tuoi
progetti per il futuro. Usa le risposte dell’es. 6 come aiuto. ES
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