Mountain View Girl ’ s Basketball 2011

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Mountain View Girl ’ s Basketball 2011
Mountain View Girl’s
Basketball 2011-12
6th Hour PE Rules and Regulations
5A Division I SemiSemi-Finalist
5A Central Region Champions
Overall Record 2525-3
Every student will have a positive and
challenging experience. Both on and off
the court.
Each student will be given an equal
opportunity to improve her basketball skills
through conditioning and daily skill
improvement opportunities.
Students are expected to attend class
Be punctual every day to all activities
Weightlifting, open gyms and other
instructional activities are mandatory
Schedule doctor and dentist appointments
before and after school
Daily Requirements
Bring good shoes for inside and outside
Shorts and shirt appropriate for workouts
Finish all required workouts
Push your teammates
Report all injuries, no matter how small
Weightlifting will occur Monday, Wednesday and
Workouts will be held after school and
occasionally 6th hour
It is required that each student finish all workouts
in a timely manner and push others
Do not be a spectator in the weight room. We
are there to work out, not socialize
Those who choose not to work out will be
subject to dismissal from the program
This will be the foundation of the upcoming
Conditioning days will be Monday thru Friday
It will be very hot through September, so each
student must hydrate with water throughout the
Please pay close attention to hydrating “daily”
It is imperative the each girl push on each drill
and help your teammate as well
Drills will include, box jumping, agility ladders,
track work, canal runs, jump rope, etc.
Be dressed out and ready to compete 10 min after the
Students need to bring high-energy, and high intensity to
all workouts
Be focused and willing to get better each day. It is
Each workout will be productive, if everyone participates
to the fullest and each player push others around you.
Your coaches want each of you to be excited about the
new season ahead. We must be engaged with what we
are doing.
We need leaders!! Are you willing to apply?
Rules to Abide by Daily
1. Come Mentally
2. Come With Energy
3. Come Ready To
Come With Energy
Energy helps a team
towards improvement!
A positive attitude
creates a positive
We need leaders to
set the tone during
workouts and
Come Mentally Prepared
No matter what kind of day you are
having, when you arrive to your workout,
you must be ready to participate.
If you are down about something, be
willing to put it aside.
Everyone must be willing and ready to
work hard and get better
Come Ready To Compete
It is not enough to work and play hard. WE will
demand each player to compete with each other
and themselves.
Do not be mistaken, there is no switch to turn off
or on that enables you to compete.
Taking a minute or two off during workouts is a
recipe for disaster
Staying competitive in workouts translates to
keeping players competitive in games-no matter
the situation.
Be responsible and accountable for your
Interruptions will not be tolerated. We will
demand respect at ALL TIMES!
School policies will be observed at all times.
Those not following school policies and/or team
rules will be subject to dismissal from the
Be a “team player”.
Teacher Contact
Please feel free to contact Coach
Bribiescas with any questions or concerns.
School number: 480-472-7067, Room 702
Email: [email protected]
Final Notes!!
Always open your self to learning from
others. Look at those before you who
have set the bar very high. It can still
be raised higher.
You are a role model within the
community. Younger girls look up to
you and dream of someday being a
Be a student of the game. Constantly
memorizing is a part of the learning
process. Listen carefully to every
aspect of the game and visualize
yourself doing each drill or activity.
Make players around you better. Your
ultimate goal is to make yourself and
others around you better. It starts with
accountability off and off the court.
The making of a champion is a
grueling task. Only the strong will
survive in the end. Those who are
mentally tough and disciplined will
HAVE FUN!!!!!!
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