Ugo Trenta - BancoPosta Fondi Sgr

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Ugo Trenta - BancoPosta Fondi Sgr
M.Sc. in Finance and Banking
Meeting the Practitioners
Ugo Trenta
BancoPosta Fondi Sgr
December 6, 4.00pm
classroom TL (ground-floor, Building Didattica)
Ugo TRENTA - Head of Corporate Bond team (BancoPosta Fondi Sgr-Poste Italiane
Ugo Trenta has been working in trading/asset management industry for 10 years. He
has published several books and papers focused on Event Study Analysis, Tobin Tax,
etc., and has a teaching experience of almost 10 years in seminars/courses at
academic level. Holding different roles and different responsibilities, Ugo worked in
the Italian team of leading financial institutions, such as Dexia Group, before joining
BancoPosta Fondi Sgr in 2010 as Head of Corporate Bond team.
BancoPosta Fondi Sgr (www.bancopostafondi.it) is an asset management company
founded in early 2000s. With Assets Under Management above 45bn eur, it is
currently 6th in the Italian ranking published by Assogestioni concerning italian asset
management companies.
BancoPosta Fondi Sgr was born to act as financial competence centre within Poste
Italiane Group. According to its mission, the company is focused on achieving its
efficacy and economic effectiveness goal offering a wide set of funds and financial
products to retail clients and institutional investors in Italy.
Concerning funds distributed to retail clients, BancoPosta Fondi Sgr offers a set of
approximately 30 different products focused on different asset classes (fixed
income, money market, equity and derivatives). The company runs several
portfolios related to institutional mandates as well, including a big part of the assets
related to the insurance company of Poste Italiane Group.
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